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Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator

Get one version of the truth
Feel good about the decisions you make

Recognize, transform and deliver data in a consistent, secure and integrated way across all of your systems so that you can feel good about the decisions you make.

If you don’t have a data warehouse, or have limited knowledge of Dynamics 365 schema or are missing the in-house skills to run complex SQL queries, Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator helps get you going quickly with fully functioning Analytics Reports using Microsoft Power BI or other tools.

Use Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator to:

  • Create a single version of truth of your data.
  • Gain strategic alignment within budget for greater ROI.
  • Eliminate the time and effort you need to prepare data for analytics.
  • Remove human errors in data interpretation.
  • Improve decision-making in less time and effort.
  • Gain consistency in how reports and measures are presented.
  • Remove IT from the analytical report-creation process.
  • Empower your team to develop useful reports and dashboards.
  • Improve data governance (who sees/gets what data).
Our Approach

Your analytics solution must be built on a solid BI and data strategy that is rooted in your organization’s goals. Our approach helps you get the most out of your data.

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BI Strategic Alignment

Starts with a business and data assessment, and then identifies BI solutions to fill any gaps. A program roadmap helps keep you on the right path.

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Data Strategy Alignment

Transforms data from disparate sources, including legacy systems, into meaningful information. Includes the development of a Data Warehouse, the right data architecture, ETL development, and testing and QA.

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Data Visualization

Shows and tells the right story with your data. Includes data visualization planning, tool implementation, and dashboard development.

Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator Features

How It Works

Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator speeds delivery of vital information to decision-makers. The service prepares and structures backend data to simplify reporting, so that you can take data from your legacy or existing ERP or other source to create insightful reports without overwhelming your system – or your team.

Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator includes our Discovery Hub data automation, access, modeling and compliance services, as well as the Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress solution.

What You Get
  • A pre-built D365 data warehouse (DW) up and running in hours, covering AP, AR, Finance, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Production, Purchasing and Sales.
  • Data deployed on-premises, hybrid or cloud, depending on your business’s needs.
  • Integration of multiple business systems into the Data Warehouse, with more than 90 available API-based connectors.
  • Fully functioning analytics reports using Power BI or other tools in days vs. months
  • Consistent data for analytics and AI.
  • Reduced impact on operational databases.
  • The ability for power users to build and share their own ad-hoc reports without waiting on IT.
  • Automated ETL, code and documentation generation, so that non-technical users can be trained to manage the Data Warehouse.
  • AX/D365 Adapter for helpful insights into the D365 database schema.
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