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Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress

Make your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data work for you
Break Through Your System’s Limits for a 360-Degree View

Get up a going quickly with fully functioning analytics reports using Microsoft Power BI or other tools. Present one version of the truth for better decision-making by bringing together multiple sources of data or transforming your legacy Data Warehouse with Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress.

Get More from Your Data

Meaningful Data

To get the most from your data, you need to show and tell the right story. We offer 235 pre-built data entities optimized for analytics and reporting, covering AP, AR, Finance, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Production, Purchasing and Sales to speed your ability to drive insights for your team.

Empowered Team

Improve decision-making in less time and effort. Remove IT from the report-creation process, and empower your team to develop useful reports and dashboards. Give power users the ability to query Dynamics 365 data directly with SQL without going to the operational production database (for customers upgrading from AX).

Faster Time to Value

Eliminate the time and effort you need to prepare data for analytics. Get fully functional Power BI reports in days vs. weeks or months. Althya 365 AnalyticsXpress will help you build quick ETL processes to populate your existing Data Warehouse from Dynamics 365, and leverage existing investments in your own Data Warehouse and existing BI and analytics resources. Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress includes frequent incremental data refresh without wiping and reloading all data.

Consistency in Strategy

Data warehousing removes errors in data interpretation, gives consistency to how reports and KPIs are presented, and centralizes and harmonizes BI strategy across departments and businesses for a single version of the truth.


Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress Methodology

  1. Identify analytics solutions to fill gaps in your current state, based on the findings of our business and data assessment and the resulting road map.

  2. Alithya's experts will transform data from disparate sources, including legacy systems, into meaningful information.

  3. Plan data visualizations, implement tools, develop dashboards (including change management) and schedule continuous improvement initiatives.



The Path to BI Maturity

Most organizations get stuck at the start of the path to BI maturity. They make heavy use of localized static reports based in spreadsheets. Some move to the next step and use the robust out-of-the-box reports from Microsoft Dynamics 365, including reports based on operational data, and dashboard-driven reports for tracking by management. But few companies are digging deeper, pulling data from across the organization and leveraging analysis on why something happened, what will happen and what they should do about it. Predictive analytics and actionable insights are the peak of BI maturity, and can be built on a foundation that starts with Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress.

Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress is perfect for companies that:
  • Need a dedicated analytics database for performance and responsiveness
  • Require direct SQL access
  • Have additional data sources outside of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
  • Require Power BI, Excel and SSRS visualization
  • Need Power Query and Analytics
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