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With over 20 years of experience as an Oracle partner, Alithya has created multiple solutions that leverage Oracle Profitability and Cost Management (PCMCS) to efficiently address your business challenges.

IT Costing and Chargebacks

Link supply side financial cost structures with demand side consumption for services and projects. Manage chargebacks to lines-of-business for internal services and projects performed. Learn more

Rapid Profitability Modeling Insights

Deliver scenario modeling capabilities and a full financial statement projection model. Learn more

Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP)

Create valuable and meaningful OTP reports that are easily understood as well as maintainable, traceable, and auditable. Learn more

Standard Labor and Overhead Rates

Quickly load and allocate expenses to applicable overhead cost pools and merge them with labor or machine hour values. Learn more

  • Standard Cost Rates for Manufacturers
  • Indirect Rates for Defense Contractors
  • Cost Rates for Professional Services
Cost of Care Analytics (Healthcare)

Blend clinical, billing, and financial data to spotlight revenues, costs, and profits. Learn more

Costing for Payers (Healthcare)
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