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Bank Margin Planning for Effective Decision Support


Banks struggle to effectively and efficiently produce transparent and insightful results. To improve the accuracy of financial plans, banks need the ability to forecast deposits and loans on the balance sheet to effectively calculate net interest margin, non-interest expense, and income. Let us help you leverage Oracle Cloud solutions to continually evaluate the impact of market volatility, consumer trends, and abrupt industry changes on financial statements.

  • Built on Oracle Cloud EPM
  • Top-down planning and forecasting
  • Value-added analytics
  • Sophisticated modeling
  • Scalable and flexible 
  • Reliable data
bank planning and forecasting with Oracle

Make Planning & Forecasting Easier

Visualize results with comprehensive reporting and metrics for executives, managers, and planners.

Oracle canvas screenshot bank period over period performance analysis

Analyze Performance at a Glance

Use charts that display period-over-period performance across product lines to determine where and when to take action.


5 Ways For Banks to Improve Margin Planning eBook cover

5 Ways to Improve Margin Planning

Does Your Banking Organization Struggle to Produce Key Financial Metrics to Support Proactive Decisions?

Our eBook outlines five questions to ask to determine if it’s time for a margin planning solution to simplify planning and make realistic and achievable projections regarding key financial metrics such as revenues and gross margins.


Balance Sheet Planning

Interest on deposits and loans is the primary driver of a bank’s earnings, making balance sheet planning a critical step for providing insight to understand balances of deposits and loans to calculate net interest margin and non-interest expense and income.

Funds Transfer Pricing

Banks need an effective funds transfer pricing methodology to plan financial statements including calculating spreads above or below a benchmark cost of credit of funds. This also provides the insight that allows treasury departments to quickly react to the plan and forecast.

Transparent Results

Banks must understand the impact of factors including changes in prepayment speeds, run-off or business sold, existing or new deposits and anticipated loans. Additionally, banks need to spread the impact of market changes over the course of a year, helping to better understand the current and future impact.

Scenario Modeling

Quickly adapting plans and forecasts based on ever-changing market factors and macroeconomic variables provides banks with the agility to baseline and analyze factors that may cause a material impact.


Whether through organic growth, acquisition, market trends, or new source systems, the ability to scale the plan and forecast to meet the demands of the business is critical.

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