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Cost of Care Analytics
Predictive Insight Into Healthcare Provider Cost of Care

Alithya’s Cost of Care Analytics combines your clinical, billing, and financial data to spotlight your organization’s revenues, costs, and profits. Alithya uses Oracle Cloud for cost allocations, self-service analytics, and our data foundation to create insights into your organization that might go unnoticed with traditional reporting.

Spotlight revenue and cost trends by integrating data in Alithya’s Healthcare Data Foundation and our Cost of Care Analytics costing engine. Find trends and take immediate action with our included data visualizations.

Key features:

  • Fast time-to-value with foundational solution implementation
  • Improved organizational insights
  • One version of the truth for key business data
  • Self-service discovery enforces data driven decisionsre delivery alongside strategic finance-focused KPIs.

Cost of Care Analytics - Overview Dashboard

Leverage embedded Artificial Intelligence to identify outliers in Service Line Profitability enhanced with the ability to drill to costing-based Provider performance.

Use metrics, calculations and rankings to expose operational trends and correlations to track quality of care delivery alongside strategic finance-focused KPIs.

Secure, Scalable, Modern Healthcare Analytics

Provider, Patient, and Financial Data Insights
  • Obtain visibility into key service area performance metrics by combining operational and financial data
  • Improve the quality and consistency of care by identifying trends across patients, physicians, and services
  • Take advantage of self-service and structured analyses across clinical service line, provider, specialty, organization, department, and charged service items
  • Align and integrate key clinical, operational, and financial data for individual patient experiences
  • Trace charges, revenue, and costs via driver- based allocations into actionable performance margins
  • Allow flexible direct and indirect assignment of labor, supplies, equipment, facilities and other costs for precision control of services delivery and tracking at the right detail for your organization
  • Enable multiple scenarios and cost methods that fit your needs now and in the future: RCC, RVU, ABC
Alithya Cost of Care Analytics

Financial Data
  • Support for varying levels of cost buckets: Fixed/Variable, Direct/Indirect
  • Charges, Revenue
  • Labor, Supplies, Equipment, Facilities, Other
  • Driver-Based Allocations to Charge Codes
Operational Data Model
  • Initially defined data model to support integration with your EMR
  • Cloud-Based or extend your current Enterprise Data Warehouse model
  • Utilize quick-start data model or expand for additional reporting needs
Encounter Data
  • Expandable Patient Demographics detail/attribution
  • Diagnosis, DRG
  • Provider, Specialty
  • Admit, Discharge, Source, Service Status
Reporting & Analytics
  • Clinical Service Line Analysis
  • Provider Analysis/Profitability
  • Summary and Operational Analysis by entire organization
  • Payer, Financial Class
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