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Digital application development

Efficiency leading to better business function
The key to success for performance applications?

Experts who listen. Really listen.

The digital era has provided greater access to more versatile technologies that help companies increase efficiency by automating their systems with more flexible and user friendly technologies.

Your company’s needs change continuously. As the market evolves, clients make more demands and regulations may impose even more restrictions. You need experts to assist you with the evolution of your systems; specialists who understand business processes, have the same detailed knowledge of your industry and who, at the same time, can look at your operations with a fresh set of eyes. In short, we offer active and informed listening and advice.

Evolution of your systems

Optimise processes using technology

Transposing clients’ business needs to meet technological requirements is one of the most important steps in developing an application. Offering concrete, effective and accessible solutions that will stick to the specific needs of the client is the cornerstone of a successful project. This is why the choice of experts that we dedicate to each project is so important at Alithya. We insist on a perfect match.

Developing applications using best practices

We help our clients to design, digitize and launch their applications. To ensure optimal performance, Alithya relies on the most recent and innovative technologies while using proven work and development methods. We offer a complete range of services designed to support our clients in the strategy, design, development and integration of the client experience to ensure optimal use of all IT assets.

Agility: a springboard to efficiency

To speed up their transformation, more and more companies want to carry out their projects in agile mode. Alithya has exhaustive experience in developing applications using agile principles. Whether it’s for training teams in advance or managing projects in agile mode, Alithya has a solid background in the subject. Learn more.

Enter the world of DevOps for your application development

The DevOps approach saves you time. Processes and systems can be optimised by combining, the development and operations team in project mode, which maximizes speed, function and innovation. DevOps focuses on dividing a project into multiple, frequently delivered segments. This allows for continuous testing, is less complex to manage, and allows faster problem solving. With DevOps, developers work in sequences. This allows them to make adjustments and updates, while also improving the quality of the code. The communication principles of the DevOps approach simplify the validation the software process and guarantee delivery in good time. DevOps also improves the quality of automated tests which quickly eliminates bugs and flaws and saves time during the launch.

Web and business applications

Our experts have developed and improved numerous web and mobile applications, and informational and transactional applications. Alithya advises clients on every element related to these applications including web marketing, e-commerce strategies, user experience as well as application development. We are also able to offer solutions in hosted/managed mode.

The Alithya team also has solid experience in the development and evolution of business and back-end applications.  Their knowledge has been put to the test for transactional systems concerning the operation of the company or portals, and our experts have the expertise needed to help companies become more efficient with the help of secure, high performance applications. Learn more.

Modern Workplace, Portals and ECommerce

Give customers, partners and other stakeholders access to their data and accounts 24/7/365. Our team creates self-service portals based on your existing portal framework. We also craft ecommerce solutions for full B2B and B2C solutions.

Applications security

For applications, data or infrastructure, security has to be imbedded in all of a company’s systems, processes and operations. We help our clients improve security while complying with all regulations and maintaining the highest standard of user experiences.

Maintenance and support

We offer a complete range of services to support the client in developing the customer experience strategy, design, development and integration to ensure the most efficient use of all IT assets.

How we work

For some, a project ends after delivery, but for us, it’s just the beginning. When we deliver a project, we use a continuous and iterative approach with each iteration is tested and revised as needed.

Evaluate the existing system

We do a thorough analysis of your existing processes and systems.

Determine what can be automated

Quality control is our priority so we ensure extensive testing is performed in order to guarantee quality. We also identify the weaknesses and which parts of your processes best lend themselves to automation.

Optimize and monitor

Once a process has been implemented, it must be monitored carefully and continuously optimized to ensure that it remains an asset to your productivity. We also ensure better quality control by closely examining the tests that can’t be automated.

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