A key issue for organizations

In addition to its trustworthy software application offering, Alithya provides guidance and support to companies implementing best practices in software QA automation.

Driven by values like quality, trust and innovation, Alithya’s highly competent team goes beyond industry standards to meet your software needs and help you succeed.

We’re by your side throughout the process, from custom application development to support, certification, training and management. Our exemplary practices and close working relationships with clients mean that our specialists are truly trustworthy developers.


Tested on all platforms and all system components, your solution is guaranteed to be bug-free, which will significantly reduce maintenance costs.


Our recommendations are based on an automation strategy and technologies that will improve your processes so you can improve your software quality or transition from manual to automated testing.


Our team of experts will be there for you throughout the process. They supervise the installation of test automation software, facilitate knowledge transfer and provide ongoing support for system improvements.


You get a solution perfectly adapted to your business processes.

Automation and orchestration

By focusing on automated testing, your team will be able to test faster, more often and more thoroughly. Our powerful and versatile platform, Askida CT, can orchestrate a series of automated tests and analyze their results throughout the application or system’s development cycle, so that you can control the quality of your software and maximize your return on investment.

Askida CT

Askida CT helps you deliver quality software that will meet and exceed your objectives. Plus, it’s easy to use. With features geared toward QA specialists and a keyword-based approach, you can speed up test and automated script creation, regardless of your level of expertise.


Delphix’s Dynamic Data Platform gives you access to company data from a variety of sources in just minutes, whether they’re on site or in the cloud. Thanks to virtual and self-serve access, you can accelerate innovation cycles while significantly reducing data-related risk.

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Our offer

  • Excellence in software quality and development projects
  • Industry leader in quality assurance, automation and test orchestration
  • Over 125 experts
  • ISO 9001 certified: 2015
  • Over 10 years working with the Agile Method