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Software Solutions and Web and Mobile Development

An Agile and Qualitative Approach
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Custom Applications Development

Through process evaluation, solution designs, and deployments, our experts assist companies across all industries in achieving their business goals. Alithya offers personalized solutions that respond to specific needs.

Web and Mobile Solutions Development

Combining strategy, creative ideas, and expertise in the latest technologies, Alithya deploys simple and innovative solutions, adapted to your needs. We also support customers with the ‘human factor’, ensuring optimal results in the face of change.

Custom Applications Development Web and Mobile Solutions Development
Commercial Software and Software Package Development Modernization of Central and Legacy Systems Application Integration Services Application Portfolio Management Infrastructure Security

Commercial Software and Software Package Development

‘Integrate’, ‘innovate’, ‘evolve’, and ‘transform’ are all terms associated with digital development. Alithya develops customized software and software package solutions to meet our customers’ unique business objectives. Once a project is delivered, our continuous approach ensures that each iteration is tested and revised as needed, according to DevOps and Agile delivery methods.

Modernization of Central and Legacy Systems

Large companies need to maximize their investments within their existing environments. We work hand in hand with our customers to modernize applications in order to achieve their business objectives. Alithya has the expertise to modernize central and legacy applications in on-premise, hybrid, or cloud computing environments.

Application Integration Services

Scalable and based in cloud computing environments, our application integration services easily adapt to future requirements. We provide a personalized experience through the unification of data flows and management information derived from multiple systems.

Application Portfolio Management

Alithya's portfolio management approach implements industry best practices. We work with you to assess the risks and challenges in order to support you in your strategic directions for modernization and improvement.

Rich in expertise, our experts intervene in order to analyze your ecosystem, identify improvement processes, and offer improvement and modernization recommendations, all aimed at harmoniously integrating the critical processes and necessary data required for solid IT management.

Infrastructure Security

Without sacrificing convenience, flexibility, or speed, our cybersecurity approach strikes a real balance between leveraging innovation and ensuring the security of your organization and your data. Our experts can implement a comprehensive security strategy, featuring constantly updated systems and best practices, in order to counter and prevent threats to your new infrastructure.

Strategic Support Architecture and Business Analysis User Experience (UX) Interface Design (UI) Adaptive, Transactional, and Secure Web Development Accessibility and Quality Assurance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Uploading and Hosting Content management system

Strategic Support

Achieve your strategic goalsWe will implement solutions to optimize your web presence. Our strategists will support you in writing or translating your content, as required.

We can also help you to leverage the power of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) in order to enhance your brand image and visibility.

Architecture and Business Analysis

Define your business needs. Our team of experts will assist you in assessing the scale and needs of your project, as well as advise you on best practices and applicable methodologies. In collaboration with your team, we will define the project’s business rules and organization.

User Experience (UX)

Develop your ideasOne of our expert UX designers will be responsible for balancing the established goals of the client with user needs. The UX designer’s role is to set up schematic interfaces for your web platform, and to optimize the site’s display so that it adapts to all platforms (tablet, mobile, etc.)

To get there, our UX designer will conduct user research and analyze all relevant statistics in order to learn more about the users, their paths, and the usage scenarios associated with their tasks. All of this contributes to creating more efficient interfaces for optimizing established objectives (customers / users).

Interface Design (UI)

Participate in initial discussionsOur UX designers strive to understand and assimilate your communications and brand image objectives, along with the needs of your targeted customers. Once schematic models are approved, the creativity of our experts kicks into gear.

The UI designer is responsible for the production of visual models that will be used by developers, as well as a style guide that consolidates, in detail, all visual components of the interfaces. The UI designer also provides artistic direction during development, ensuring that graphic standards are respected.

Adaptive, Transactional, and Secure Web Development

Unearth your digital strategy. Our team of experts in digital platform design will be able to advise and realize all the functionalities. In order to create your system, we will use a technological stack gravitating around the same technologies for the different spheres of an application (API development, user interfaces, etc.) thus simplifying development, maintenance and evolution.

This strategy of reusing technological expertise allows us to optimize our development efforts by maximizing the reuse of engineering code. Our team is on the lookout for best application security practices and will implement the latest security trends so that you and your users can rest easy.

Accessibility and Quality Assurance

A site that meets Web accessibility standards, meaning it allows for easy navigation for those with visual, auditory, motor or cognitive limitations. Accessibility which also facilitates the use of the Web by older people, those with low reading levels, people whose mother tongue is not the language used on the Web page and people with little experience using the Web.

Our UX-UI experts will ensure compliance with current accessibility standards through the design of graphic elements, including colors and contrasts, navigation and focus, hierarchy of texts, and the insightful drafting of visible labels, informative messaging, and off-screen texts.

Our projects are based on accessibility rules of Web 2.0 content (WCAG 2.0), recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which has become an international standard (ISO / IEC 40500: 2012), as well as SGQRI 008 2.0 standards defined by the Quebec Government.

Enhance your site’s reliability. Quality assurance (QA) is an essential step toward enabling testing of all of a project's functionalities. Our team will validate your site’s performance, ergonomics, and visual aspects.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization is attained through development or improvement of an SEO strategy, through actions including the targeting and writing quality of content and metadata, and through media optimization (images, videos, audio).

In order to maintain your website's SEO positioning on search engines, our experts will support you and explain SEO best practices. They will also provide GoogleTagmanager, Google adWords, and Google Analytics advice to assist you in collecting all relevant data required for managing and understanding your site statistics.

Uploading and Hosting

We stand watch, while you profitOur "hosted and managed" model lowers costs and eliminates potential difficulties and delays associated with implementing, integrating, and configuring new infrastructure.

Hosting can easily adapt to changes in business needs due to growth, mergers, acquisitions, or consolidation. With 365/24/7 availability and monitoring, our team offers you unparalleled peace of mind.

Once online, you’ll have access to a specialized web publishing team for customer experience support.

Content management system

Let us create your image. Our team will advise you on the design of a web solution adapted to your needs using the power of the WordPress CMS which offers an infinite number of possibilities. Our team will advise you on the best practices to adopt for a powerful web solution. 


By fostering the agile approach to application development, you will acquire the means to continuously adapt to change, both internal and external. It is therefore a path to intelligently transforming your organization.


With Alithya as your teammate, you can rely on experts specialized in sound methodologies, using quality tools to limit costs and simplify things, based on proven work environments, who remain in constant communication.

Our experience and proven achievements enable us to apply new technologies in integrated and dynamic ways in order to strategically respond to your business challenges. Our team provides you with insight into the latest trends in technology application, user experience, and design.

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The COOPSCO network brings together the FQCMS (Fédération québécoise des cooperatives en milieu scolaire), more than 60 cooperatives in schools as well as a subsidiary in the field of publishing, the Fides Group and another offering a business management solution (ERP) specializing in the field of bookstores in schools Campus Innovations.

The COOPSCO network wanted to evolve its portal so that it becomes the main destination for its Internet users (students, teachers, the general public, organizations, businesses, suppliers and school cooperatives) for products and services. The objective was to design and implement the 60 informational websites of the various cooperatives in the school network.

  • Design and implementation of a transactional portal as a single gateway to some 60 online stores
  • The client will be able to find, order and pay for their school materials and course notes while waiting in front of their co-op from their smartphone. All he has to do is collect his purchases at the coop counter by presenting his barcode via his phone
  • Adaptation, configuration of a CMS as well as the creation and integration of several themes allowing each of the co-ops to personalize its own website while respecting the uniformity and the overall image of the network of cooperatives
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Client is the leading real estate search site in Quebec. Members of the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (APCIQ) and the Real Estate Chambers of Quebec benefit from a dedicated platform enabling them to search and consult properties, as well as to manage their own customer portfolios.

Centris wanted to reinvent its real estate search solution in order to provide real estate brokers with a new generation platform aligned with the current digital landscape, which would be complementary to its existing service offering.


  • A robust and flexible solution, with a stable and scalable infrastructure that integrates with related systems, exchanges information with other applications through Web services (REST), ​​and enables access to data in real time
  • Enhanced customer experience thanks to a cloud solution accessible everywhere, and by all devices, enabling rapid searches for goods and providing better image quality
  • Improved customer management and easier planning with the creation of buyer profiles and the entry of more precise criteria. Also offers a chat option for interacting with customers
  • Integration with Google Maps enables the planning of routes and the identification of points of interest to potential buyers
  • Intelligent system that takes a buyer’s profile into account in order to offer relevant goods. Also generates targeted online reports and operating statistics
  • Hosting, constant proactive application monitoring, and technical support
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City of Granby

Granby is a city of more than 65,000 residents located within the RCM of La Haute-Yamaska ​​in Montérégie, Quebec, Canada. The city is located within the Eastern Townships (Estrie) tourist region.

Propose a new architecture and new graphic design, as well as related graphic standards, to enable the city to post a new image closer to current trends at the municipal level and on the Web, all within a responsive design approach. Provide optimized navigation to enable users to find information quickly and easily, be responsive, both for the website and the intranet, in terms of being adaptable to all devices (computers, smartphones, tablets), and perform a migration of the existing site’s full content and services to the new structure.


  • Clean, accessible, and adaptive site design
  • Private cloud hosting (software-service), without the burden of maintaining physical servers
  • Autonomy in terms of content integration, menu tree and file management
  • Creation of blogs and forums, with controlled management of access rights and comments
  • Hosting, constant proactive application monitoring, and technical support
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Since 1993, Vergo
has been a leader in commercial, industrial, and institutional construction. As a general contractor, the company carries out large-scale, turnkey projects, most notably for important groups in Canada.

Revitalize the company’s web image, provide an efficient and intuitive portfolio, revise the website design by implementing a new graphic charter, ensure that the Internet and intranet site is adaptive, ensure quality reading and navigation on all devices ( computers, smartphones, tablets), optimize user navigation to ensure quick and easy information searches, build an SEO strategy to optimize company web positioning and referencing in order to increase visibility and business contacts, enable greater website management control through an evolving content management tool, provide greater control and optimized management of the technological tools used.


  • Clean and modern design
  • Efficient portfolio
  • Accessible and responsive site
  • Autonomy in terms of content integration, major events, and menu tree and file management courtesy of a WordPress CMS
  • Efficient SEO strategy
  • Hosting, constant proactive application monitoring, and technical support
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Upopolis is a free and secure platform connecting young, chronically ill or hospitalized patients, aged 10-18, with peers across North America who are going through similar medical experiences. Upopolis helps reduce social isolation due to activity restrictions, illness, and hospitalization. The platform also educates and empowers young people to take an active role in the management and adaptation of their diagnoses.

The organization wanted a safe, quick, and engaging social platform where young people could communicate with each other without fear of judgment or reprisals, while complying with a multitude of security constraints.


  • Implementation of a clean and easy-to-manage website using a scalable content management tool
  • Creation of a platform allowing young people to discuss their diagnoses and personal situations without fear of security or confidentiality breaches
  • Design of an invitation system for administrators (doctors, managers) to provide guests with access to the platform
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AGA Group Insurance

AGA Group Insurance is the leader in Quebec in the development and administration of customized group insurance plans, and also specializes in group annuity plans. For more than 25 years, thanks to its tools and customer service, AGA Group Insurance has supported more than 1,000 employers in the management of their group insurance plans, as well as nearly 27,000 members in the management and adjudication of their medical, dental, and other care claims.

AGA approached Alithya about providing a new solution that would match the robustness of their current solution, while providing a new user experience for both their Administration and Complaints System (SARAGA 2.0) and their Member Portal 2.0.



  • Consolidate all solutions in a single core business
  • Allow for a better user experience
  • Make the solution’s core features available on mobile devices
  • Switch to cloud mode to provide greater flexibility
  • Improve environmental impact by promoting digital exchanges
  • Provide greater capacity and flexibility for both current and future needs
  • Agile transformation of AGA


  • A powerful, user-friendly, and modular application
  • An application that facilitates user exchanges and reduces processing time
  • An application with an adapted image and design
  • Agile organizational transformation

Member Portal 2.0


  • Revise the member portal design and provide a more current, application-like visual
  • Provide optimized navigation to enable users to find information quickly and easily
  • Ensure that the portal is adaptive and provides quality reading and navigation across all devices (computers, smartphones, tablets)
  • Modernize the current portal by reusing the same technologies for different spheres of the system
  • Promote reuse of the selected technologies’ expertise, while simplifying the development, maintenance, and evolution of the system


  • An intuitive application with an adapted image and design
  • A powerful, user-friendly, and modular application
  • An application facilitating exchanges between users
  • Agile organizational transformation


  • Working together with confidence: We view our relationships with customers as true partnerships, and we invest time and energy in understanding the specifics of your business.
  • Comprehensive support: We offer full thinking and strategy support for your projects, including design, development, delivery, and maintenance.
  • An experienced and multidisciplinary team: With more than 20 years of digital experience, we field multidisciplinary teams whose skills are constantly updated.
  • Scalable and secure solutions: Robust, powerful, scalable, and optimized cloud computing platform. Proactive monitoring and 365/24/7 management (100% Canadian solution).