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Legacy Systems Modernization

As your business evolves, shouldn’t your applications evolve with it?
Bringing your legacy system into the 21st century

Managing legacy and mainframe applications is a challenge.

Their lack of agility, rising costs and the increasing skills shortage is a growing concern for all business and technology management teams. Moreover, legacy applications can be a hindrance when trying to pursue business markets and opportunities that rely on current technologies.

Change is not an option; it’s an obligation.

While complete replacement is sometimes the only option, rehosting, replatforming, rearchitecting, are among cost and-time effective alternatives that must also be considered. 

This is where Alithya’s creative strategies come into play. We can determine the best strategy for each company and system.

Legacy and Mainframe Modernization 

Employees rely heavily on mainframe applications to drive business but, like any technology, mainframe and legacy systems need to evolve in order to keep pace with new technological developments. 

We have the expertise to modernize mainframe and legacy applications to distributed and cloud environments. 

Whether you choose to re-architect a legacy application and break it down into smaller pieces or rethink how it is hosted and migrate your mainframe and legacy applications to platforms instead, the experts at Alithya will consider all the angles and find the most innovative solution for every client.

Regardless of which option(s) suit your situation, we can provide you with an efficient and agile application development approach to help you design the right systems to run your business.

Application Integration Services 

If your business strategy includes the use of current technologies, you’ll need to incorporate application integration services into your planning.

It’s crucial to establish the best strategy for linking applications together in order to simplify and automate your business processes. This maximizes efficiency without having to make sweeping changes to your existing applications or data structures. There are several options available. 

Application Portfolio Management

Integrating applications and systems in a way that results in consistent, efficient operations while providing a unified user experience, is a major challenge for organizations. Combining different generations of applications with technologies that are not always fully compatible, along with the pressure to modernize while limiting the cost of rewiring calls for an alignment strategy for your applications.

How we work

Business continuity is our first priority. Aside from overcoming the technological challenges that modernizing a legacy system presents, we aim to minimize if not eliminate any possible negative impact on the organization itself.

Look at all the angles

We explore all the alternatives so we can offer the most practical strategies with a creative approach.

Applying current technologies

Sometimes we can use current technologies to enhance a legacy system. Alithya’s DevOps expertise can be used to accelerate the modernization process by offering fast deployment while ensuring the stability of the applications. However, when upgrading a legacy system isn’t feasible, it must be replaced altogether.

Reverse Engineering

With reverse engineering, we can assist you in recovering lost information, highlighting flaws in your current system or migrating to a new platform.

Alithya Digital Solutions Center

We provide expertise to transform and modernize systems with new technologies based on best market practices in the digital technology field.

  • Digital development solutions
  • Strategic digital transformation support
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web marketing and social media management
  • Training and innovation laboratories
  • JAVA, .NET and Agile communities of practice