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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Aligned with Your Business Goals
Meet your customers’ changing needs

Transform your business and drive growth with flexible cloud, hybrid or on-premise ERP solutions.

Your enterprise has certain objectives. We work with you to define a strategy to help you achieve them. Our solutions experts plan, implement and support ERP projects tailored to your specific requirements.

"Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Oracle ERP Cloud are the most highly rated ERP systems in 2020, according to their users." - Source: SoftwareReview, Forbes article


Operate Efficiently

Whether you’re in the accounting department, the purchasing department or on the shop floor, our solutions give you detailed insight into costs and process efficiency. With an ERP system, you can understand and manage production schedules, capacity loadings, shop floor activities, and production costs in an integrated setup. Plus, view up-to-the-minute client, contract, and project details for an accurate accounting of profitability.

Stay Compliant

You need a solution that can help you meet changing quality, safety and compliance requirements. With the right solution, document standard processes and track operations to support detailed reporting requirements.

Respond Quickly to Market Conditions

Capitalize on new opportunities as they arise by modeling production capabilities, quickly sharing engineering information and adjusting the product and service mix for changes on demand.

Transform Financial Processes

Close your books faster at the end of the month and access reports that will give you a robust picture of your business’ finances, driving better decision-making for future growth.

Manage Inventory

Create multi-dimensional inventory records and track items throughout the supply chain. With accurate inventory status, you can implement effective procedures and maintain complete forward and backward traceability of any material. Minimize overruns and under-runs and use shelf life planning to consider expiration dates during production and distribution.

Get Insight into Your Supply Chain

Manage your resources, streamline logistics, automate procure-to-pay processes and optimize product deliveries to keep your customers satisfied. Keep everything optimized from sales to delivery with one unified system.

See Real-Time Information

Maintain high production levels and on-time delivery rates by sharing real-time information about specifications, order status, and quality control (QC) testing among key departments and trading partners. Check current inventory levels at a glance. See financials and cash flow with a click.

Scale Across Divisions

Quickly implement the right ERP solution across new business divisions that are formed or acquired over time. With every department using the same system, you’ll easily have insight into the full picture of your business operations.

The Alithya Difference

The Alithya team has over 20 years of experience delivering ERP solutions to hundreds of global companies, helping them transform their businesses to improve operations and cut costs. How do we do it? We work with you to develop a plan rooted in your strategy and backed by our deep industry expertise, all while maintaining the flexibility you need in this fast-changing market.

Experience Implementation Templates Industry Knowledge Trusted Advisor


We have decades of experience working for and with companies of all sizes, helping them to leverage technology to solve their toughest business challenges. From Fortune 500 companies to PMEs, our involvement has enabled clients to optimize their activities. We’ve seen the efficient business processes of our clients, and we’ll bring that experience to your implementation, giving you the advantage of decades of combined knowledge.

Implementation Templates

You need to drive rapid deployment of your new ERP system, and it needs to meet the unique requirements of your industry for maximum ROI. We offer industry-specific implementation solutions to get you up and running quickly. We have completed hundreds of implementations for manufacturers, helping us develop proven methodologies tailored to your needs.

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Industry Knowledge

From manufacturing to banking to energy to healthcare, our implementation teams have industry-specific experience, so they’ll be able to work with you to achieve your unique business goals. We know the regulations you have to meet, the challenges of your market, and ways to keep you ahead of your competition.

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Trusted Advisor

Technology should support your vision, not lead it. We start by understanding your complex business challenges and then develop the right solution to meet your short- and long-term goals. But we don’t get to implementation and just walk away. We lay track to help you get to your next destination, ensuring real results long after implementation.

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We proudly support leading companies like yours with ERP solutions that are tailored to their needs and built on industry best practices.


We offer products and services that were designed with your industry’s requirements in mind.


Alithya knows manufacturing at the industry levelthink food & beverage, CPG, chemicals, life sciences and industrial equipment. Plan for demand, optimize processes, eliminate waste and come through on delivery commitments, all while meeting quality and compliance standards. Manage growth with our planning and analysis tools built for leading companies.

Financial Services and Insurance

Become more data-centric and better equipped to adapt to industry changes. Manage your assets more effectively with custom management systems. And deliver on profitability and growth objectives with new and reliable sources of revenue, while managing your exposure to risk.

Professional Services

Services-oriented firms like property management, technology consulting and law firms need digital solutions that allow companies to strengthen client relationships, deliver consistent and meaningful client experiences and keep projects on time and on budget. Invest in a technology stack that allows your firm to grow profitably in an era of fast-changing client expectations.


The healthcare industry is under pressure due to increasingly strict regulations and mandates affecting providers and payers. Better manage revenues and costs, as well as allocate resources with an agile solution that promotes quality and greater transparency throughout your organization.

Energy (Oil and Gas)

Thrive in the volatile oil and gas market with an ERP solution and services that help you drive higher returns even as prices fall. Make smarter decisions about your assets, optimize production, reduce operating costs and gain access to key performance indicators that power your business forward.

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