Tara Lachapelle
, March 14, 2023
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Through decades of organic growth and acquisitions, Alithya has developed an unparalleled mass of digital transformation expertise that continues to drive the company’s reputation in the field as a trusted advisor to its clients. In addition to ensuring that our internal teams continue to ride the crest of the digital technology wave, it is in Alithya’s DNA to impart that knowledge to others in the name of advancing the state-of-the-art. 

A cross-sectoral offering 

Enter the Alithya Faculty, created in 2020 as both an internal training initiative and an external service offer tailored to the rapidly advancing needs of the sectors that Alithya serves, including financial, energy, manufacturing, telecom, higher education, healthcare, transport & logistics, professional services, and government. With a focus on digital transformation, the Alithya Faculty offers both practical and theoretical training to individuals and organizations, with a modular approach characterized by a step-by-step learning process. Two years after its founding, the Alithya Faculty, staffed by 18 dedicated Coaches, has already trained 825 internal collaborators, as well as an additional 1,150 external collaborators. 

The practical component, combined with direct access to professional Coaches, is what really differentiates Alithya’s offer. Faculty Coaches have a deep understanding of issues faced directly in the field, and they take pleasure in building relationships and sharing their knowledge with others through the training programs. 

A tailored approach to digital transformation 

If you are looking to improve your organization’s approaches and processes within the digital landscape, the training programs offered by the Alithya Faculty provide hands-on, interactive sessions focused on the foundations and specialized components of digital transformation. Whether you are part of a product team, hold a management position, or are looking to explore specific techniques, Alithya’s programs are tailored to the core training objectives of its participants. Encompassing a full spectrum of roles and knowledge levels, Alithya Faculty programs directly respond to those seeking to extend their knowledge of critical digital transformation processes, while also providing a deeper understanding of how the diverse roles of organizations intersect within the ecosystem.  

Alithya also offers complementary services designed to optimize the training experience, including customized workshops, individual coaching sessions, and post-training project support. Furthermore, our extensive ecosystem of digital practices enables us to offer support to individuals looking to change careers through the acquisition of new expertise. 

Unparalleled expertise, directly from the field 

For all things digital transformation, the Alithya Faculty offers a variety of training options that allow participants to map out their own professional development. Coaches from across Alithya’s digital practices are ready to accompany participants on their individual and organizational journeys, providing learning experiences delivered directly from experts in the field. 

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