Paul Emblin
, March 24, 2022
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How Alithya leverages the full power of Oracle cloud solutions as part of an effective employee program 

Team leaders understand that employees need reliable hardware and up-to-date software to efficiently perform their jobs. However, many people overlook another pillar of employment: effective training. In fact, some view the costs of setting up an employee training and development program as a hindrance to achieving long-term business goals. 

However, overall, those costs are a small price to pay in comparison to the level of skills acquired, the retention of employees, and the snagging of potentially missed opportunities. At Alithya, we encourage training for our employees and continuous development of their technology skills. We also help them to obtain the necessary accreditations to elevate their skills and boost their ability to adopt best practices and customer service principles. Today’s companies are investing in the integration of technology across a wide range of operational functions, with advanced technology helping to automate most aspects of running their businesses. 

The power of Oracle cloud solutions 

To ensure the highest level of excellence for our Oracle consulting services, we launched our Oracle Cloud Solution Certification initiative in 2018 to develop the cloud skills of our advisers, thus creating added value for our customers and building greater customer confidence. In striving to achieve that goal, we fostered a culture of continuous learning, provided unlimited access to Oracle cloud solutions training to our consultants, and implemented a certification strategy for all employees offering Oracle consulting services. 

For the purposes of training efficiency and availability, we chose to offer unlimited access to training on cloud computing solutions. With easy and unlimited access to online training, we were able to be more flexible, enabling our advisors to learn at their own pace, in real time, from anywhere. 

Consistency: The key to building trust 

The certification of our advisors helps build relationships of trust, and enables us to establish ongoing collaborations with other organizations. To further enhance those relationships, our advisors follow up with our clients to obtain their feedback and to ensure optimal satisfaction. The world of technology is marked by constantly evolving needs and skills, and Oracle provides us with the training opportunities required to address those trends. 

As cloud solutions continue to evolve, our advisors have adopted a new mindset focused on continuous learning. The initiative has also contributed to broader professional development and growth as our consultants have embraced opportunities to become specialists in multiple Oracle solutions. That mindset, beneficial to both employees and customers, maximizes Alithya’s project efficiency and expertise, which in turn improves our bottom line. 

The importance of successful training and development 

Having a comprehensive, high quality employee training and development program in place helps build the skills of your workforce, and creates solid new foundations of knowledge in areas where it may have been lacking. Such programs serve to enhance the level of skills of your employees, while also ensuring consistency in respect to the type of knowledge and skills acquired. They also enable the filling in of certain gaps within a company in order to better distribute the workload among employees. 

By ensuring continuous training of your employees, you also equip them with the skills they need to easily take over from their colleagues, when necessary, without the need for constant assistance and supervision. Companies should never underestimate the importance of employee training, because continuing education can be your best insurance policy against change and evolving customer demands that will inevitably arise in your business. 

At Alithya, we have made Oracle certifications a business imperative, with progress evaluated through talent discussions, annual reviews, and performance management programs. We recognize the rigor of the Oracle certification program, and we understand that our professionals must commit to staying current and perfecting their knowledge of cloud computing. We have set the bar high, and we encourage our employees to obtain multiple certifications in order to expand our cloud computing capabilities and project potential. 

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