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AI-FI Enablement

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Is your organization ready to migrate your AI solution to Azure?

Alithya's AI-FI Enablement provides a flexible, reliable, and scalable framework to move your existing AI models to the cloud while taking full advantage of the latest Azure AI Services. Alithya's cloud practice has extensive experience in successfully deploying hundreds of Azure environments and app migrations for enterprise customers.

Alithya's cloud deployment professionals will gain an understanding of your existing AI applications before designing and architecting a migration plan. Our team will provide your organization with a reliable and secure cloud-based AI application, while making use of the services and features that cloud has to offer. 

Key Azure AI Services Use Cases

Key Azure AI Services

Alithya's AI-FI Enablement solution helps organizations benefit from the latest services Azure has to offer. Key services include:

  • Storing data:
    > Blob storage
    > Data Lake storage
    > AzureSQL
    > Azure Synapse
  • Transforming data:
    > Data factory
    > Databricks automated cluster
  • Analyzing data:
    > Databricks interactive cluster
    > Azure Machine Learning
    > Azure Cognitive Services & Bots
    > Azure Cognitive Search

    Power BI

Use Cases

Alithya migrates solutions for various applications, including:
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Unifying Customer Data
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