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AI-FI Ultrasonics

Artificial Intelligence for Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection
automate piping flaw detection

Plant piping degrades over time as a result of scratches, corrosion, sagging, and cracking. Human-based approaches to analyzing data collected from ultrasonic pipe-inspections are time consuming, costly, and prone to errors.


Alithya's AI-FI Ultrasonics solution automatically detects wear-induced flaws in piping with an accuracy of 100%. Adaptable, and easily scalable for any pipe inspection application, AI-FI Ultrasonics provides rapid detailed analysis that will reduce overall inspection cycle time and increase operational efficiency.

Reduce inspection time & increase accuracy

A large nuclear operator in Ontario required a solution that would reduce the highly intensive manual labour involved with the analysis and disposition of ultrasonic pipe inspection data. AI-FI Ultrasonics uses artificial intelligence alongside a deep learning model to identify and size fuel channel defects quickly and accurately.

AI-FI Ultrasonics enables the utility and plant owners to:

  • Automate the subjective human analysis of pipe inspections
  • Detect 100% of piping defects
  • Focus analysis crews on critical defects
  • Scale and adapt to new anomalies and other operating units or piping applications as it does not require programmed rules

Alithya has become a trusted software design service and digital transformation provider in the Canadian nuclear industry based on deep domain expertise, a stellar track record for project delivery, innovative solutions, and long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Improve Pipe Inspection