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Alithya GoTest

Go beyond test automation
How Alithya GoTest differs from other testing tools?

Most test platforms on the market don’t do end-to-end test automation, which can really slow things down. But we’ve found a solution. End-to-end testing is the ultimate way to make sure that your business processes will meet your expectations and satisfy your clients. Alithya GoTest’s strength comes from its expanded capacity to execute all kinds of functional tests, both common and specific.

Alithya GoTest changes the way automated tests are carried out. It is the only platform on the market that lets you do true end-to-end testing automation without requiring deep technical skills. You can easily define your testing strategy and convert your manual tests into automated ones in one simple click, since Alithya GoTest can manage both manuals and automated tests

How? The simplicity of the tool resides in its powerful keyword-driven testing functionalities, which speed up the creation of scripts for test automation whether you’re a seasoned technical QA or you only have limited technical skills.

In addition, Alithya has bilingual experts (French and English) and support in several fields including a full range of digital technology and software engineering consulting services. With Alithya GoTest by your side, test your applications in-depth to deliver the software quality you demand and expect.

''My teams love the reporting, automation and keyword-driven functionalities. Alithya GoTest is a great product.''

''Technical support is reactive and always able to answer any question they’re being asked. The support level is impressive.''


We offer a comprehensive approach to continuous testing.

  • Document

    Document test scenarios

    Documentation is automatically compiled as you implement new tests. Alithya GoTest guarantees that you can easily trace everything, whether you’re doing automated or manual testing, or both.
    You can focus on their commercial benefit instead.

    • Multilingual interface
    • Rich text editor allows for quick and intuitive input
    • Sort and filter at all levels
    • Export test plans (.xls)
    • Copy elements of test plan in 1 click
    • Quick reorganization of test plan elements
    • Categorization of scenarios for manual or automated tests
    • Scenarios can be tagged so they’re excluded during the test
    • Manual tests can be switched to automatic or vice versa
    • User management now available via a management console
    • Integration with most authentication protocols
  • Automate

    Create scripts without knowing how to code

    Keyword search is so easy to use that your requests can also create their own test scripts.
    Alithya GoTest uses existing keywords from popular test libraries, making it easy and super fast to create scripts. You can also create your own custom keywords from the ones you already have.
    Plus, automating a manual test scenario is child’s play; you can execute a manual or automated test in the same scenario. 

    • No in-depth technical knowledge required
    • Keyword approach
    • Simple and quick scripting interface
    • More than 1,000 keywords available
    • Custom combined keyword creation (keyword assembly)
    • Accelerated scripting with keyboard shortcuts
    • Online documentation
    • Option to add keywords using market or custom libraries
    • Screen captures can be added to execution reports with scripts
    • Here are some of the operations made possible by keywords:
      • Mobile testing (Android, iOS)
      • SOAP and ReST service testing
      • Database integration with scripts
      • Test file comparisons
      • Selenium test integration
      • Integration of keywords or scripts developed in modern languages (Python, Java, etc.)
      • Integration of files from different sources
      • Data generation for random tests (dummy)
      • Interaction with operating system components (verify that files exist, delete files, check directory status, etc.)
      • String validation and operations (validation checks, convert to uppercase, generate random strings, etc.)
      • Interaction with Telnet servers
      • Validation of XML file content


  • Execute

    Run your manual, automated or hybrid tests yourself or using Alithya GoTest's API

    Alithya GoTest tests your company’s processes from end to end and ensures that they’re working.
    Our automated testing tool is complementary to any other testing tool. It’s easy to sequentially execute and integrate all of your scripts, regardless of the application’s specific component that you’re testing.
    And did we mention that you can execute manual AND automated tests in the same test case?

    • Run automated tests on demand
    • Use Alithya GoTest’s API scheduler to automate testing (continuous integration)
    • Manual tests supported by a simple and intuitive interface
    • Attach documents to your manual tests
    • Option to pause a manual test
    • Test queue management interface that can be sorted and filtered
    • Testing via multiple configurations, in parallel or sequentially
    • Web tests can be executed in all browsers
    • Automated execution of test plans, in part or in full
  • Analyze

    Monitor the entire test process and analyze your results

    With Alithya GoTest, you can do a systematic and repeatable test series starting at the beginning of the development cycle. Check out the dashboard for test results and the status of your applications.
    You have complete control over the quality and operational compliance of your information systems.

    • Consolidated dashboard (all technologies)
    • Test history
    • Ability to check results of prior tests
    • Option to download logs and results
    • Results available in simple or detailed view

Unlimited keyword approach

Try Alithya GoTest, the only tool you need to automate testing, connect any API and use popular, integrated—or even your own—keyword libraries.

Alithya GoTest - Screenshot 1

Plan and centralize your testing

If you are responsible for many different quality assurance projects, centralize and automate all your tests in one place with Alithya GoTest!

Alithya GoTest - Screenshot 2

View your testing plan as a project

With Alithya GoTest, verify that your applications or websites are sound. Testing is a team effort. Keep track of your ongoing projects with our monitoring dashboard.

Seeing is believing!

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts at your convenience and discover the many applications of Alithya GoTest.



All PRO features
Unlimited support
Limited to 30 executions / month

Pro – Up to 10 users

Create fast automated testing
Easily schedule executions
Keyword driven engine
No installation required (SaaS)
Unlimited support
Third-party integration
Create your own variable & combined keyword
Build-in test plan documentation
Parallel test plan execution
Cross-browser compatibility
Install remote libraries
No limitation

Enterprise – 10 users +

All features
Premium support
No limitation

Need Support?

Do you have a question about the Alithya GoTest software solution? Contact us via our support form.