ODTUG Webinar | Labor Cost Distribution in Higher Education

Published January 20 2021
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12 PM ET

*This webinar is eligible for one (1) CPE credit for Computer Software & Apps. To receive the credit attendees must be a Full (paid) ODTUG member, attend the entire webinar and answer all poll questions that will pop up on-screen during the webinar, and fill out the evaluation form (with your name) that will pop up on your screen immediately after the webinar.

Prerequisites: None
Program Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Instructional Delivery Method: Group Internet Based
Price & cancellation policy: Free. No need to cancel - if you do not attend you will be automatically cancelled.

In Higher Education, grants and endowments sponsor the labor cost and utilization. It is common place to have employees reside in a domicile cost center and get utilized fully or partially across other cost centers. The case study will showcase how an academic pillar of a health care business uses the concept of employee distributions in its labor cost modeling to employees from home or domicile cost center to cost centers where they are utilized or where the labor cost expenses are accrued.

In a live demo, we will show how a domicile employee is distributed across many cost centers. The expenses for the employee are only accrued if the employee is distributed out. Open hires or open positions management with distribution will be another feature that will be demonstrated. The open hires will follow the same methodology of the position being in the domicile department and then undergoing distributions. Such labor cost modeling needs are also seen in public sector planning which should pique interest of public sector planning audience. Another takeaway from the session will be understandings and insights into how groovy business rules can work with smart lists and data maps for incremental clears and pushes in an EPM Cloud planning application.