Webinar | Analytics in Supply Chain Management: Using BI to Analyze Warehouse Picking Performance

Published January 18 2021
Using BI to Analyze Warehouse Picking Performance - webinar - event
11:00 - 11:30 am ET

Do you know how well your distribution center is performing its day-to-day picking operations? Do you know how to analyze your data to take action and make your processes more efficient?

First of all, you need to be looking at real-time data. Historically, companies relied heavily on manual data collection, spreadsheets, or nothing at all to accomplish the critically important picking analyses. This data collection and analysis tended to be time-consuming which led to delays in taking timely action to identity and correct issues.

Modern BI solutions, with the help of robust data warehouses and automation, allow us to:

  • Analyze data in almost real-time
  • Focus on exceptions rather than navigating large data sets
  • Focus on problem areas to identify issues and address them
  • Continually improve processes

Join Alithya’s Diane Perry, Solution Architect, and Sid Datla, Business System Analyst, for this webcast to see how the Warehouse Performance Reports provide the user with the following Key Performance Indicators and features.

  • Track pick frequency by storage location (heatmap visualization)
  • Track pick times by storage location to identify congestion points
  • Track pieces and lines picked in total and by individual pickers
  • Track picking performance by day and by hour
  • Analyze pick ticket mixes by workstream (web, parcel, LTL, etc.)
  • Analyze historical data and trends
  • Track number of partial vs. full shipments

If you would like to improve your company’s picking operations efficiency and effectiveness, be sure to join this webcast.