8 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Published December 22 2020
Leanne Courtney, Systems Performance Analyst
Leanne Courtney
Systems Performance Analyst
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LinkedIn is an effective tool to build your brand and expand your professional network. Some users may be spending hours on the site, but improving your profile and staying active the platform while job hunting requires little time.

Here's the best and effective ways to improve your profile and stand out in a matter of minutes!

  1. Choose a photo that represents you
    Profiles that include a photo get higher search views. Pick a photo where you look as if you were about to meet with your best client, with a soft lighting and neutral background. Your clothes should reflect your personality and the type of position you aspire to.

  2. Upload a background photo
    Personalize your profile with a visually attractive background image. LinkedIn recommends using a PNG or JPG file with a 1584x396 pixel resolution.

  3. Customize your URL
    The URL to your LinkedIn profile should look like linkedin.com/in/yourname. If someone else has already claimed your name, try different variations on your name by using your initials. For instructions on how to proceed, browse LinkedIn’s Help section or type “Custom LinkedIn URL” in a search engine. Once you have customized your URL, add it to your resume or email signature.

  4. Make the best of your profile summary
    There is no rule restricting the number of job titles you can list in your profile summary. Use the profile summary to describe how you view your position, why you chose your profession and what drives you.

  5. Write clear and insightful job descriptions
    It will make your profile more attractive to potential connections. These descriptions should provide a deeper understanding of the job title, while highlighting your areas of expertise, experience, leadership and what sets you apart. Review it carefully before publishing to make sure there are no mistakes.

  6. Use key words carefully
    Key words play a crucial role, especially when searches are conducted. The right key words will improve your profile’s visibility. Identify the key words that describe you best and would enable people launching a search on LinkedIn to find you. Make sure you include these words in your profile summary, your resume and your profile. You will have more opportunities to connect with people.

  7. Take advantage of the additional sections
    You can add sections to enhance your LinkedIn profile. Include sections to showcase articles, volunteering activities, awards, honours and issues you care for.

  8. Follow the right people
    Follow influent players in the technology industry to more easily network with other people in the field and keep abreast of the latest developments. You will also receive useful advice on your news feed!