A lifeline for Health & Life Sciences customers

Published December 22 2020
Paul Murray, Director of Healthcare (Microsoft Practice)
Paul Murray
Director of Healthcare (Microsoft Practice)
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In truly unprecedented times, US healthcare networks have been challenged like never before as they struggle to keep pace with the demands and damaging effects of Covid-19. From the magnitude of PPE inventory management, to the postponement of lifeblood elective procedures and regular clinical care, the pandemic has strained all levels of healthcare organizations. According to the American Hospital Association, US hospitals will report losses upwards of $320 billion by the end of 2020, in addition to navigating through salary pay cuts, furloughed workers, postponed capital projects, and complete hospital closures.

With unparalleled expertise, derived from years of experience across the spectrum of healthcare services, Alithya has been a lifeline to healthcare organizations struggling to retain their footing. Solutions provided by the Alithya US Healthcare Microsoft practice have provided critical support to customers in the Top 1,000 Health & Life Sciences segment, whose networks are comprised of healthcare providers, payers, and pharma/device-life science companies. Alithya has responded to the evolving demands of the current crisis by leveraging its reputation for rapid ‘time to value’ remote deployment of tailored solutions, supported by highly skilled solution architects and delivery consultants with unparalleled domain expertise.

As a leading North American Microsoft partner, Alithya offers customer solutions from a top cloud and business applications provider, infused with the value-added expertise and support of its professionals. That combination produces compelling and complete offerings for healthcare organizations and their customers by addressing core business segments including Life Sciences, Provider Systems, and Payers. Additionally, the partnership’s data/AI/machine learning capabilities enable the harnessing and integration of data across multiple platforms, providing very tangible results to Alithya healthcare customers. In aligning with Microsoft, Alithya has developed a solid partnership built on one of the most secure platforms on the planet, which is essential to safeguarding the Protected Health Information (PHI) contained in healthcare networks. Microsoft is also a market leader in data/AI services, facilitating the consolidation and dissemination of rich data in ways that benefit both patients and healthcare organizations in terms of optimizing services and education.

As healthcare organizations experience diminished revenues due to Covid-19, the Alithya US Healthcare division has been instrumental in assisting customers in maximizing their existing Microsoft investments. By leveraging the full potential of current business applications, Alithya assists clients in establishing a critical link between analytical insights, improvements in patient care, and measured business outcomes, while simultaneously upgrading their networks to modern cloud technology in order to improve security and the patient/member experience.

Faced with an urgent need to respond to safety and staffing & resource issues associated with Covid-19, Alithya is working with healthcare customers who have been forced to pivot multiple times in reassessing critical and time sensitive external healthcare consumer communications. As the pandemic forces healthcare marketing to rapidly evolve past traditional agency billboard, direct-mail, and legacy email campaigns, Alithya’s know-how and deep domain expertise is helping marketing & communication stakeholders to rapidly capsulize their messaging in response to changing demands. Driven by recent advancements in data/AI cloud computing, service providers can now digitally reach 20-30% more healthcare consumers with the appropriate message - on the device of their choice. This is extremely relevant today as hospitals struggle with again having to postpone elective procedures due to the current surge of Covid-19 patients. The inability to simply reach existing patients, let alone the broader citizen population due to incomplete contact information is one problem easily fixed. Advanced marketing and 3600 patient insight solutions are readily available, cost-effective, and easily implemented with Alithya’s healthcare expertise.

Alithya experts are also helping customers reimagine the way they will deliver their healthcare services as they respond and begin to recover from the current pandemic environment. As new patient demands for more robust remote care options drive change, Alithya’s healthcare customers are pursuing more efficient care delivery and communications models to assist them in reaching and addressing the needs of their demographics. In a post-pandemic landscape, Alithya foresees a continued refinement of changes that have begun to take hold. The emergence of telehealth and modern omnichannel contact center technologies are already providing vastly improved care delivery and customer service, adding levels of convenience for both providers and patients. As the healthcare industry regroups and refocuses on adapting to new demands, Alithya will accompany its customers in their time-sensitive migration towards cost-effective and secure cloud-based technologies.