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Alithya and delphix keep your data completely secure

Published July 19 2022
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Bill 64, which sets out important changes for the protection of personal information in Québec, will be gradually enacted starting in September 2022. Organizations of all sizes and industries must comply.  

Does implementing these changes feel overwhelming, or do you feel like you have to choose between data protection and data accessibility? Let Alithya support you with Delphix data masking. This solution ensures compliance without compromise! 

Cover all of your personal information 

Bill 64 applies to all personal data. This information can be divided into two categories: 

  • Isolated data, which can be used to identify someone, e.g., a name or social insurance number 
  • Non-isolated data which must be combined to lead to identification, such as birth date and address 

Under the new legislation, all organizations must identify all isolated and non-isolated data in its possession, determine what vulnerabilities could lead to it being shared and implement the appropriate controls to protect it.  

Delphix removes all obstacles 

Due to various obstacles (time, cost, complexity), most organizations transfer their data directly into their acceptance and development systems without any protection. As this information is neither masked nor anonymized, there is a major risk of leaking sensitive data. Alithya offers the simple and effective Delphix masking solution. It secures data without compromising the company’s agility, especially delivery timelines.  

Delphix’s solution has everything you need to meet the Bill 64 requirements: 

  • It masks production data from the start, before it is transferred to the acceptance and development systems.  
  • Thanks to its integrated and user-friendly profiling tool, it detects all isolated and non-isolated data, helping map your sensitive data. 
  • It masks all systems while maintaining their consistency.  
  • It also masks all data that will be transferred externally using a reversible tokenization algorithm that can reconstitute the original data upon return.  

What makes Delphix stand out 

Delphix is superior to other traditional masking tools in a number of areas. Other tools can compromise a company’s agility because they require sacrificing quality and make the process more complex and expensive.  

Traditional tools take time to mask large databases of several terabytes. To speed up this process, it is common practice to subdivide the data into smaller batches or even create synthetic data. This compromises quality as users do not have access to complete, up-to-date data sets for all possible scenarios. Subdividing the data and using synthetic data also make it even harder to work in already complex environments, such as when an application needs integrated data from multiple sources and different types of databases. Finally, traditional masking tools entail significant costs because they require large infrastructures and lots of storage space. 

A strategic solution 

Delphix provides an easy way to define and apply a consistent set of anonymization principles that help reduce confidentiality and data security risks outside of production environments. This is where most sensitive data can be found and where the most users have direct access to the data. Your teams will have self-serve access to customized data environments. 

Delphix also generates reports on your sensitive and vulnerable data to help you analyze the potential repercussions of a private client data leak. At last, when organizations adopt Delphix’s practices and implement a mechanism for personal data management, they can also designate an individual responsible for protecting personal information, as is required by Bill 64. 

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