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Alithya obtains bronze level Parity Certification from Women in Governance

Published March 3 2022
Francesca Levesque, Advisor (Training and Employee Programs)
Francesca Levesque
Advisor (Training and Employee Programs)
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Hi! My name is Francesca Lévesque and I'm responsible for the various employee programs at Alithya. I have been part of the team for almost four years, and my sole objective is to spread happiness throughout the organization! 

At Alithya, we’re always proud to discuss our values, equity, and openness, both in our internal communications and on our various digital platforms. In keeping with that trend, I am very happy to announce that Women in Governance has awarded Alithya bronze level Parity Certification!  

What is Women in Governance? 

Founded in 2010, Women in Governance is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women in the development of their careers, in taking on leadership roles, and in sitting as members on boards of directors. Companies certified by the organization have exhibited a genuine desire to achieve parity in all of their organizational spheres, espousing the philosophy that every woman should have the ability to advance her professional career as she wishes.  

Parity Certification  

The organization offers certification to companies wishing to challenge themselves in ensuring equality between men and women in the workplace. Bronze certification is the first of four levels, and Alithya intends to achieve them all.  

I spearheaded this project with my colleagues, which began with a questionnaire requesting evidence of pay equity, an accounting of our total number of employees, the number of women within our teams, the number of women earning promotions, etc. Additionally, we were asked to detail Alithya's values, and to indicate how long those values had been rooted in our organizational culture. All of the questions had a specific purpose: to determine whether or not our work environment promotes equality and defends the position of women in a variety of leadership roles. 

After studying our file, we received the verdict: bronze level certification that acknowledges our clear commitment to fostering an environment of equality, and recognizes our long-term objectives for achieving it. The certification also affirms that Alithya already has policies in place to support the career advancement of women.  

Along with Parity Certification, Women in Governance provided us with a comprehensive 25-page document to help guide us in implementing concrete measures to ensure that women feel comfortable in their Alithya work environment. I'm so proud of what we've accomplished thus far, and I can't wait to see what happens next. 

What are the next steps?  

Our initiatives, while recent, demonstrate Alithya’s commitment to defending its values and to providing a stimulating, motivating and, above all, healthy and egalitarian professional environment. Our discussions have been very open, respect is essential, and each member of the team occupies an important place. Everyone is invited to provide their opinions and to put forward their ideas, free of judgement, which is the foundation of strength that supports us and makes us such a creative and honest team.  

The Women in Governance Parity Certification validates Alithya’s embrace of transparency and improvement. We are proud of the initiatives and programs already underway, but we are determined to do better in order to be a model of equality offering a truly gender-balanced work environment.  

Stay tuned for more communications outlining how we intend to implement recommendations obtained from Women in Governance.