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Are mobile apps your company’s next technology tool?

Published March 6 2023
Benoît Gorez, Senior Communications Advisor
Benoît Gorez
Senior Communications Advisor
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You use mobile applications every day: news, social media, online banking, and the list goes on. What if your company also started using this technology? Our mobile app development services connect you with a large team of experts to help you successfully design your app. Mobile Practice Director Julien Hamon met with us to tell us more.

Why might a company want to develop an app?

Have you already thought about creating a mobile app for your company? This technology can play a role in process optimization and efficiency. But how do you know if it’s something your organization needs?

We know from our many development projects across a range of industries that there is no one thing that motivates companies to make an app. It’s actually a response to a specific business need.

When you work with Alithya for this type of project, you’re ensuring you receive honest support that’s based on an analysis of your requirements. Our team isn’t looking to sell you mobile development if this isn’t technology you need. Our objective is to challenge your ideas and understand your reasons for wanting to design an app.

Mobile-first or mobile-friendly?

In the case where there’s no question as to the importance of having an app, we’ll help you determine whether your design should be mobile-first or mobile-friendly and find the right KPIs to measure its success.

• The objective of a mobile-first app is to become the central hub of your digital activities. It is designed to provide an ideal mobile user experience (UX). You’ll be directing your target audience to your app rather than your website.

• A mobile-friendly app is a version of your website designed to be compatible with mobile devices.

The best option for your company depends on how you answer the question “Who is the app for?” What will it be used for? Where are your user personas?

Different application types for different needs

The type of design is far from the only decision involved. And this is where Alithya’s large team of specialists really shines! Our clients benefit from a series of workshops, called a design sprint, with our expert developers, designers and architects. The aim of these meetings is to establish the needs, structure and final visual appearance of the application.

This is also the step where the language (or technology) is decided. There are two main kinds:

• Native: This programming approach offers higher performance and a more interactive user experience and has two development phases: one for iOS and another for Android. It’s very commonly used for mobile-first applications.

• Hybrid: Although a competitive option, hybrid apps use the same code for both iOS and Android. This means that there is less customization by platform.

Here as well, we’ll help you choose the right format for your needs, as well as your budget and industry. Our expertise covers a wide range of fields, from insurance to media to healthcare.

A great example of hybrid app design (React Native) is CHU Sainte-Justine’s BénéClic app. This project’s objective is to connect volunteers with parents looking for some rest between their child’s care and treatment sessions. We are very proud of this project, which has made a real difference in the daily lives of sick children.

What practices are currently in demand in mobile app development?

Developing a good mobile app requires an in-depth knowledge of the industry along with a great capacity to adapt. At Alithya, agility is a priority for all of our projects. Our agility and DevOps approach allow us to maximize our efficiency, propose innovative solutions and automate deliveries. We design high-quality apps to help our clients stay at the leading edge of their industries.

We also make sure to integrate features that reflect the latest trends in the industry: push notifications, DAI (dynamic ad insertion), credit card payment, etc. You have a wide range of options that you can always change in the future.

Finally, we ensure that user security and confidentiality are always at the forefront of our discussions. As the protection of personal information is crucial, we always confirm with our clients whether certain data needs to be collected. What do they need and why? Does it respect the applicable laws and the standards established by Apple and Google? We go beyond the minimum requirements of the GDPR in France and Bill 64 in Quebec.

The Alithya advantage

At Alithya, we care about building relationships of trust. Our extensive expertise in mobile app development and philosophy of honesty make us a partner of choice for clients looking to deploy this technology. We offer objective and impartial advice, putting our clients’ business needs first. Our team’s slogan is “How can we help?”

Alithya is also a big family. Every member of the Mobile Practice team has the opportunity to grow and advance their career in a way that aligns with their objectives. My role as director is to guide them based on their goals, whether it’s to learn new skills or to move to a position with more responsibility. For me, it’s important to have a group that’s cohesive, motivated and happy at work. It’s what allows us to grow our activities and take our expertise to new heights. And our clients reap the rewards!

Have questions about the Mobile Practice team? We’re here to help!