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How Specialty Plastics Manufacturer Pexco is Leveraging Cloud-Based Technology

Published April 26 2021

This manufacturer has their head in the cloud, and we don’t mean that in a bad way. For Pexco, having their operations in the cloud opened up a world of opportunities. Opportunities that made a significant impact on the way they conduct business, especially during the unexpected pandemic that began in 2020.

“Pexco has gone live on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in three of our
manufacturing sites since May 2020… and we've done it all remotely.”

How Manufacturer Pexco is Leveraging the Cloud

Pexco is leveraging the cloud for many of its core business applications, namely, Dynamics 365. What they saw was that having the Cloud platform allowed them to quickly connect more of their employees remotely during the pandemic. It was no longer necessary for the organization to have to get VPNs in place for all of their users or ship computers to multiple locations. Pexco is in a much better position to respond when something happens, like unexpectedly having their employees be out of their respective facilities. Despite the issues caused by the pandemic, they’re still able get employees reconnected and continue to be productive. According to Health Hatchell, Director of Finance, “It's just really helped us out and it's much quicker and less costly to do than an on-premise ERP solution would be, and the response times are much better.”

Communication and Operational Productivity 

Pexco has been able to lean on the collaboration tools available, in order to keep their internal teams communicating and productive. Additionally, they have been able to utilize those tools to maintain relationships with customers. A lot of their business has traditionally been done face-to-face and is built on relationships. Knowing that, they're leveraging every bit of technology they can to get face-to-face - remotely - with those customers.

As Pexco has grown rapidly through acquisition, it turned to Microsoft and Alithya to implement cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 to minimize its hardware and infrastructure investment and management, as well as take the next step to operate more efficiently to facilitate its growth—such as automating manual processes, standardizing processes across facilities, and eliminating as many ancillary systems as possible.

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