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Gaining Traction in a Diverse and Changing Market

Published December 22 2020
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The financial services industry has seen its share of disruptions and challenges over the past few years, from changes to the regulatory and compliance frameworks, to the evolution of fraud and financial crimes. The year 2020 came with a new set of challenges and, between the global pandemic and the most recent US elections, the US markets experienced significant volatility and uncertainty. Alithya’s Financial Services practice provides advisory and implementation services to financial institutions in search of industry expertise and technical knowledge to help them overcome these difficult challenges and many others. In light of the continued uncertainty and remote work set to extend into 2021, Alithya is assisting clients in the planning of their digital transformation strategies.

Alithya’s Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions are critical to the organizations it serves and address critical matters within the CFO’s purview, including profitability, consolidation and close, account reconciliations, tax reporting, planning, budget forecasting and more. Oracle’s EPM suite offers versatile and scalable tools that allow Alithya’s professionals to provide clients with nimble tailored solutions driving insight and reducing organizations’ risk to their financial statements. While Alithya has traditionally been focused on EPM solutions, the company added enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM) to its capabilities with the December 2019 acquisition of US-based Travercent.

Alithya’s Financial Services practice seeks to continue to expand its business by setting itself apart from other service providers in the industry. It positions itself as a trusted advisor by leveraging the company’s strong technology background, the in-depth product knowledge of its seven “Oracle Aces,” or Oracle technology evangelists who have a direct line to Oracle product management teams, as well as the robust financial services background of many Alithya professionals. As a result of its diverse mix of clients and experience in the industry, Alithya offers valuable technological and functional knowledge and expertise to companies in the insurance, banking and capital markets sectors. Additionally, Alithya’s product management team closely monitors Oracle’s technology enhancements and use cases to assist its clients in solving complex business problems.

Given that most US companies are currently working remotely and work conditions are expected to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future, we offer various platforms to engage with clients and help them continue their journey even while remote. At Alithya, we are accustomed to working remotely, yet such an arrangement required some adjustments for many of our clients. With multiple projects kicking off and going live in 2020, our clients have successfully embraced the remote business model. At Alithya, we seek to create efficiency for our clients to help them to better manage and understand their business. Our dedicated team is here to partner with companies on their transformation journey and help ensure their success.