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Making the right connections - Transitioning your business to IoT

Published February 8 2021
Cédric Mélançon, IoT Solutions Consultant
Cédric Mélançon
IoT Solutions Consultant
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Just as successful companies must rely on a network of professionals whose expertise allows them to navigate the many challenges and innovations of business success, the advancement of digital technologies has created a need for a network of technological expertise. Enter the Internet of Things (IoT), an infrastructure that ties those technologies together to foster technological discussions and sharing of expertise. The Internet of Things (IoT) is about making the right connections; in this case, connectivity between Internet-based devices and the physical environment. The IoT facilitates communications between a variety of technologies, including wireless networks, processing platforms, applications, and much more, to develop a coordinated ecosystem of expertise that can improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance user experiences. As supply chains become more complex, and data processing extends across multiple systems, the IoT allows companies to make quicker decisions based on access to real-time data, and to develop automated tasks that generate fewer errors.

While companies around the world have come to recognize the benefits of IoT, many are ill-prepared for the transition to an optimal infrastructure. Implementation of an IoT strategy requires careful planning that targets a company’s essential business processes, and can also require significant investment to upgrade existing infrastructures and purchase new technologies. For those with the budgets to proceed, concerns around the security of internal data, as well as client data, must also be assessed. Furthermore, in the aftermath of any major technological change, organizational challenges will often emerge. Most companies have skilled in-house IT teams that understand the company’s priorities and concerns better than anyone. However, in most cases, transitioning to IoT requires external expertise to help navigate a very complex environment.

Alithya offers customers direct access to a full spectrum of technological know-how required for transitioning to IoT. The company’s expertise encompasses everything from systems development, to data management, cybersecurity, cloud expertise, and much more. As a preferred Microsoft and Oracle partner, Alithya guides customers in their selection of leading-edge applications and infrastructure, as well as the option for significant savings of time and money in the form of scalable cloud solutions. Alithya professionals provide invaluable expertise at every level of IoT development, including the integration of external system applications, device connectivity, data collection, data processing, data analysis, and the incorporation of multiple data sources at the cloud level. Alithya specializes in developing solutions that enable businesses to accelerate digital transformation, and the company’s data scientists, engineers, and technology professionals excel in the design of advanced applications and systems that combine the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a combination of both (AIoT).

Implementation of a successful IoT strategy begins with a clear vision of the long-term goals of a company. With a clear understanding of internal strategy, Alithya’s external expertise can help ensure that its IoT infrastructure is geared towards the optimization of those goals. While every company has unique needs and challenges to address in making the decision to move its IoT strategy forward, the potential benefits of doing so are compelling. According to TCS, companies that already use IoT have become more efficient and responsive to their customers. In the manufacturing sector, 82% of companies with an IoT infrastructure in place have experienced increased operational efficiency and improved product quality, while 79% of leading manufacturers are already riding the wave of IoT to track customers, products, business premises, and supply chains. The bottom line: The IoT is a game changer, and Alithya’s dedicated professionals can help companies to determine the best approach, to set priorities, to generate a roadmap, and to successfully execute the plan.

eBook - How to transition your business successfully to IoT

Recent studies have shown that many organizations are now reaping the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, despite the concept’s undeniable appeal to businesses, nearly 60% of all such transition projects ultimately fail. To help you determine whether your business processes are suited to IoT, we provide an overview of the technological concept here. We also discuss the pitfalls to avoid and the steps to take for a successful implementation in a business context.

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