Managing change in unprecedented times

Published December 22 2020
Mark Hite, Managing Director of Healthcare
Mark Hite
Managing Director of Healthcare
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In 2018, the Health Affairs journal estimated US healthcare spending at $3.65 trillion, with projected annual growth of approximately 5.5% through 2027. With the current pandemic certain to drive those numbers higher, both healthcare providers and patients are demanding changes to an industry comprised of critical services. In response, Alithya’s US Healthcare practice is assisting healthcare providers with transitioning to a coordinated, convenient, customized, and accessible system for all.

Through acquisitions in 2018 and 2019, Alithya consolidated its healthcare expertise in the implementation of Oracle’ Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Through acquisitions in 2018 and 2019, Alithya consolidated its healthcare expertise in the implementation of Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In the US, the company has leveraged decades of technical expertise, both internally and as an Oracle partner, to gain unparalleled insight into the challenges of its healthcare clients. While the sector is notorious for running dozens of siloed systems that fail to communicate, Alithya assists clients with consolidating all of their moving parts.

Building upon the established expertise of Oracle’s coast-to-coast go-to-market team, Alithya’s US Healthcare professionals, including four regional sales people, work closely with their partners to bring a complete offering to the table. That offering includes expertise in performance management, planning and budgeting, strategic workforce planning, and cost and profitability. The business unit is comprised of three back office sectors, including Financial, Supply Chain/Materials Management and Human Capital Management (HCM).

Approximately 70% of healthcare provider costs are derived from human capital, rendering it the sector’s largest controllable expense. With the winds of technical change blowing, it inevitably causes disruptions within the ranks. To help ensure that broad system changes are met with operational efficiency, Alithya’s HCM team plays a critical advisory role. Comprised of 50 diverse professionals, working in collaboration with 20 independent contractors from the HR field, Alithya assists clients in addressing issues in recruiting, talent management, onboarding, payroll, performance and goals, absence management, and more.

Alithya’s EPM team also plays a critical role, led by five dedicated healthcare professionals with direct access to more than 120 technical resources within the company. Alithya’s team alignment provides tremendous insight into the inner workings of implementations, resulting in a streamlined approach that assesses requirements, potential solutions, and market trends on the way to formulating a blue book approach to implementation. In focusing on a single industry, Alithya’s US Healthcare practice has seen the same primary challenges repeat themselves, providing clients with insight into how those same challenges have been successfully addressed with other clients.

 While every system is different, recruitment and retention of talent is a consistent challenge at the macro level. Many healthcare providers continue to rely on archaic systems, and resistance to change by long-term administrators who only know those outdated systems is a serious issue. Clients sometimes purchase sophisticated supply chain technology, only to request the most basic implementation that barely scratches the surface of the technology’s potential. Although Alithya’s US Healthcare team prioritizes education, new blood flowing into the workforce over the next decade is expected to embrace the full power of leading-edge technologies.

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on industries around the world, Alithya’s US Healthcare practice was already a step ahead. With the evolution of the cloud, the practice has been quite virtual in its activities, with many professionals already working from home via Zoom meetings. On the client side, the pandemic has turned the traditional mix of healthcare company revenues upside down; however, most clients have found ways to move forward with their projects. In fact, Alithya US Healthcare revenues have risen 30% in 2020, with a 66% growth in head count since December 2019. Additionally, COVID-19 has advanced the technical mindsets of clients by leaps and bounds as they embrace processes that account for the current reality, including strategic modelling for long-range planning, and rolling forecasts in lieu of inaccurate budgets.

Looking ahead, the future is bright for Alithya’s US Healthcare practice, led by an expectation of broader cloud adoption within the industry that will continue to replace on-premise systems. Alithya is poised to help clients roadmap their way into the cloud, while advances in AI and machine learning within the company offer the promise of enhanced employee experiences, improved HCM talent tracking, and the development of virtual training modules for the healthcare industry. Alithya’s continued focus on strategic acquisitions is also expected to provide the US Healthcare team with a springboard for advancing new solutions, while initiatives like the Alithya Leadership Academy continue to generate new ideas and provide Alithya professionals with easy access to the collective expertise of their colleagues.