Microsoft Power Virtual Agent for Sales & Marketing

Published April 6 2020 by Ruston Eads

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent allows customers to build and deploy intelligent chat bots with little-to-no-code. As discussed in a previous post, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent, which is part of the Power Platform, allows for a rapid implementation to aid customer service departments in handling front-line questions and issues. Answers can often be provided without the aid of a human agent and for more complex issues, the chat bot can identify the issue type and route to the appropriate human agent (or queue) for review and resolution.

While this powerful and exciting functionality is often assumed to be limited to customer service scenarios, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent can aid sales and marketing teams as well. Specifically, it can play a vital role in answering questions from potential prospects, aid in the qualification process, establish call back appointments and even provide product information, all during a single chat session and with no human intervention.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent for Sales & Marketing - new prospect interface

Sales-focused Power Virtual Agents can be imbedded on sites such as product-focused landing pages, partner portals and microsites, where the chat bot’s primary role will often be sales or marketing-focused. Consider the following scenarios:

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent for Sales & Marketing - chat bot interface


> A chat bot providing product detail and recommending an add-on product and listing its many benefits. The chat has moved from reactive to proactive, all based on session history.

> A chat bot imbedded on an authenticated partner portal providing specifications for a new product and upsell recommendations based on the partner’s sales history.

> A microsite focused on a new product release, where a chat bot is answering product questions and leading potential prospects through a series of qualification questions.

In all the scenarios above a chat bot can create new leads, schedule call backs, add qualified prospects to a marketing list or simply transfer the chat to a human representative to continue the session. All of which is based on text recognition from the chat session as well as answers provided by the prospect.

With an ever-present goal of providing a positive customer experience, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents have the ability to not only answer questions and address issues, but to also aid in the lead generation and qualification process without interrupting your sales team. This entire process can occur independent of human interaction from Sales and Marketing, allowing each of these teams to focus on other tasks until the lead reaches the portion of its journey where a call from the business development team is required to complete the qualification and move forward in the sales process.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent for Sales & Marketing - phone call interface

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