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Oracle EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management vs. Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM): New and Future Feature Availability!

Published September 24 2021
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For those who have already decided to stay on-premise and migrate to HPCM 11.2 instead of migrating to the cloud, this might be a tough blog to read!

It is no small secret that Oracle has been placing the majority of its efforts into the development of cloud applications since at least 2015. This doesn’t mean that the on-premise applications are completely ignored, but it does mean that any new features that are not critical to the running of the application themselves often aren’t deployed to the on-premise applications, and this is especially true for HPCM. Since the release of Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) in 2016, we have seen no major new feature releases to HPCM, while Oracle Cloud EPM PCM has been steadily accumulating new features over the years.

This makes a new feature comparison between Oracle Cloud EPM PCM and HPCM difficult; HPCM has not received any new features that Oracle Cloud EPM PCM does not have, and Oracle Cloud EPM PCM has numerous features HPCM will never get.

New Feature Availability

The following table contains some key functionality that is available in Oracle Cloud EPM PCM that is not available in PCM. The below list is not exhaustive but contains new features I feel are key in differentiating Oracle Cloud EPM to HPCM:

Future Feature Availability

As mentioned in an earlier section, there are a lot of features in the above table that will never make their way to HPCM, and this trend will continue going forward. This is especially important as we start to prepare for Oracle Cloud EPM Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, which is anticipated to be released within the next year.

Oracle Cloud EPM Enterprise PCM will be released on the common Oracle Cloud EPM platform. This means that we will have access to a HUGE amount of features that are not available in Oracle Cloud EPM PCM today, such as webforms, calculation manager, and many many others. These new features will not be available on HPCM in the future and are going to be an enormous differentiator evaluating the functionality of HPCM vs. Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability.


The winner of the “New and Future Feature Availability” Award goes to...

Oracle Events 2020 (67)

Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management!


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