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Profitability Patch Release – February 2023 (23.02)

Published February 7 2023
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Happy New Year! I know it’s a little late since we are already in February 2023. Since there were no significant updates for Oracle Cloud Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) or Oracle Cloud Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management (EPCM) in January 2023, we are starting this year’s patch release blogs a month late.

As always in this blog, we will focus on what we feel are the most important updates relevant to Oracle Cloud PCM and EPCM but be sure to check out the updates for yourself here.

Most Important Features of the 23.02 (February 2023) Patch:

EPM Common

OCI Migration: Oracle-Managed Migration Notifications Being Sent and Customer-Managed Migrations Program Ends on April 2023:

  • This is a big one for clients who are still on Gen 1 infrastructure and have been procrastinating the move to OCI Gen 2 infrastructure.
  • Oracle is no longer giving clients a choice on whether to migrate to OCI or not; clients will have to either through an Oracle-Managed Migration or a Customer-Managed Migration.
  • Critically, clients who would like to manage their migrations have until the 30th of April 2023 to initiate them. Oracle will not accept service requests for customer-managed migration starting the 1st of May, 2023.

Enterprise PCM Updates

Enhanced POV Filters When Analyzing Calculations (EPCM only):

  • When performing Calculation Analysis, you can select multiple values for the Years, Period, Scenario, and Version POV dimensions.
  • This functionality is helpful to clients with a large number of Data POVs. It facilitates ease of use and efficiency when looking at calculation results and/or searching for a previously executed Calculation Model Documentation (formerly referred to as Program Documentation).

Ability to Submit Calculation Analysis Feedback for Selected Calculation Runs (EPCM only):

  • A new Provide Feedback option on the Calculation Analysis page allows you to submit feedback for up to two calculation records. The feedback includes the Calculation Statistics report and the Model Snapshot Documentation report.
  • This functionality is beneficial to clients in troubleshooting technical issues related to calculations. For example, suppose a significant increase in calculation time is experienced. In that case, submitting two calculated POVs with Model Documentation can assist Oracle in determining the root cause of the calculation execution time.

PCM Updates

Ability to Select the POV Groups for Which Calculation Data is Migrated (PCM Only):

  • A key concern of clients when migrating from PCM to EPCM is how to migrate calculated data. Previously only input data could be migrated but now calculated data can also be migrated for specific POV groups.
  • This functionality gives users better control over the migration process and ensures a more efficient migration process to EPCM, as clients no longer have to calculate specific POVs post-migration.

Regression Testing Requirement:

As per our standing recommendation, clients are advised to perform regression testing on the release of the month patches in their test instances. That said, the features, functionalities, and updates released in the 23.02 patch do not require extensive regression testing, especially for Oracle Cloud PCM, which did not receive updates other than EPCM migration enhancements.

Enterprise PCM Regression Testing Requirement:
For the 23.02 Patch, we suggest you do your normal level of regression testing, as none of the provided updates should be a cause of concern.

PCM Regression Testing Requirement:
For the 23.02 Patch, we suggest doing your normal level of regression, as there are no critical bug fixes or features for Oracle PCM in this release. 


The 23.02 Patch is scheduled to be pushed to the Production environments at or after 22:00 UTC on Friday, the 17th of February 2023, so be sure to be done with any Regression testing soon!

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