Why should you become an intern at Alithya France? Stimulating projects and a bright future!

Published May 26 2021
Cécilia Tanzi, IT & School Relations Recruiter
Cécilia Tanzi
IT & School Relations Recruiter
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A promising future filled with stimulating projects, anchored in reality. Isn’t that what all students dream of? As a recruiter and student relations officer at Alithya, I am well aware of the ambitions of young people. Our company offers students the support they need to enter the job market, whether through internships or work-study programs. When all goes well, as was the case with Louis Perrin, they are subsequently offered a job in line with their experience. To better understand the interning experience, I spoke with the computer science graduate about his career with Alithya.

How did you land an internship at Alithya France in 2015?

My study program, which led to a DUT (BA + 2 diploma), required that I complete an internship. To open doors, I spread the word through my network of contacts to let them know that I was seeking my first corporate experience. A relative of mine knew an executive at Alithya France, and I was granted an interview that went very well. In my opinion, it’s essential to seek all the help you can get when you’re just starting out. That’s how I was able to find my internship, which I was thrilled with because it aligned perfectly with my studies. 


What were your first impressions?

I had never worked before, and my integration at Alithya was a great first experience in a professional environment. Thanks to my supervisor, who was always available to mentor me technically, and to help me understand the workings of the organization, I was able to absorb the tricks of the trade in a healthy and stimulating environment. 

How did that lead you to your job as a developer?

It all happened in steps. After my internship, I received two fixed-term contracts. In speaking with another intern, I started thinking about the value of a work-study program, and I proposed the idea to my bosses. They agreed, and I spent the next three years engaged on a work-study basis while completing my master's degree in computer science. I worked two days a week at the company and studied the other three days. After three years, I signed a permanent contract. 

How would you characterize your development at Alithya?

Since being hired as a developer, I have really enjoyed being deployed on assignments with clients. For example, I was deeply involved in a project for an air carrier that allowed me to immerse myself in their reality, to better understand the issues facing their sector, and to be in the thick of it at all times. From one client to the next, there is never a dull moment and you learn a lot! 

Since graduating, I have added a few strings to my bow. For example, during COVID-19 lockdown, I took advantage of distance learning to take a course in Python programming. Looking ahead, I am considering the possibility of mentoring young people once I gain enough experience, and I would like to develop my profile that way 

Would you recommend an internship at Alithya to other students?

Alithya provides an optimal working and learning environment. From the very start, I felt that the company sincerely cared about me and all of its employees. We aren’t treated like cattle! We are also provided with opportunities to work on a variety of interesting projects.

At Alithya, the student community is close to our heart. With eyes wide open and fresh learning experiences, students help nourish the company. In return, we offer them the best possible training, using the very latest technologies. After all, young people are an investment in our future!