Make your documents make sense with intelligent document processing

Emails, invoices, insurance claims, hiring documents, permit applications: no matter what industry you’re in, your organization receives thousands of documents every month. Sorting through vast amounts of data to find the right information costs precious time, money, and resources. 


Leverage Alithya’s expertise and powerful technology for your business success

Your data is one of your most powerful resources. Intelligent document processing helps you realize and maximize that value.  

Intelligent document processing (IDP)

IDP is an AI-driven automated solution that allows you to turn unstructured or semi-structured information into powerful business data. Our IDP solution scans, reads, extracts, categorizes, and organizes relevant information into accessible formats. You can process data faster, reduce human error, and increase efficiency. The result: actionable insights you can use. 

The benefits of our IDP solution: 

Reduced costs

We help you cut expenses by saving on data processing. Automating these processes also frees up your employees to focus on more value-added tasks, which translates to more savings for your company.  


Improved operations

Make your document-oriented processes more efficient and your data more accurate with a machine learning-driven IDP solution that tracks user behavior for enhanced performance. 


Flexibility and scalability

Quickly scale resources and storage needs to fit your business needs. Our cloud-native solution can also be deployed to most public and private cloud hosting providers.   


Trusted partnership

At Alithya, we believe in forming true relationships with our clients. Whether you opt for subscription-based or fully managed services, we’ll guide you every step of the way. 


The RapidSUITE solution

RapidSUITE allows you to quickly implement document capture, extending the capability and power of your current enterprise content management (ECM) platform investment. RapidSUITE can quickly ingest these documents and efficiently extract key information to correctly store and/or launch the appropriate workflows – helping you drive down costs and reduce errors. 

Solutions that transform your business

Digitally empowering business through Alithya’s cloud-native content services that enriches business productivity in areas of document capture, case management, business process management, foundational document management and applications. You can now transform your business with connected information of users from anywhere and deliver apps to any device.


To learn more about our offering and what it can do for your business, reach out to us today!