Evolve. Innovate. Transform.

Operational inefficiencies, missed sales opportunities, and poor customer experiences are just some of the things that can hold your business back. We can help you move forward. 


Digital transformation involves introducing new technology and business practices to help grow your business and stay competitive. The first step is to automate your critical business processes. The next stage involves the extraction of important data from these processes and to analyze it in order to improve your business model. 

Digital transformation strategy and consulting for your business

Alithya provides:

  • Monetization, governance, and data evaluation 
    Easily identify business opportunities and resolve business challenges 
  • Open ecosystem and platform creation 
    Allow users to tailor functions to suit their needs without compromising security 
  • Accelerated tool automation and adoption 
    Fast, automated testing, optimized user experience, and support for development and better transition management 
  • Business process automation 
    Streamlined processes to maximize efficiency and service quality 

Eliminate inefficiencies with a digital transformation strategy

A successful digital transformation begins with the right digital transformation strategy. 

We meet you where you are and work with you to identify your key business objectives and desired outcomes. Our experts can also help you implement enterprise solutions across your organization that are tailored to ensure the best possible results. Our multidisciplinary consulting approach combines our own innovative solutions with those of our partners.

We help our clients to: 

  • Manage transformation projects 
  • Strengthen their ability to quickly respond to constantly changing environments 
  • Develop a change management methodology and language 
  • Equip themselves with tools that are specific to their organization 
  • Grow their change management skills 

Put people first for a successful digital transformation

New to digital transformation?

We start by identifying your desired business outcomes together, such as growing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, or driving operational efficiencies. We then help you build a plan that is supported – not dictated – by technology.


Want to maximize your existing transformation?

If you’ve already begun implementing a new enterprise solution, but you’re are looking for a partner to help you get the most out of the process, get in touch with our experts. We will work with you to optimize the software implementation organization-wide.


Rapid innovation and prototyping

We’re proud to be Agile, in and out. Our cross-functional teams collaborate to deconstruct, tweak, and rebuild until we get everything just right. Working together allows us to work faster and smarter. We embrace agility in order to change what needs to be changed for a better end result.


A personalized experience

Whether we’re integrating a new solution, or helping you maximize an existing one, we make the process as smooth as possible.

Using Agile project management methods, we train your leaders to manage transitions that achieve buy-in and drive long-term employee engagement.


Get critical data at your fingertips

With our quick-to-access and easy-to-use secure dashboards and visualizations, you have the answers you need to make the right decisions about sales, marketing, production, service, and operations.