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Enterprise Architecture

A solid framework for your company’s growth
When business processes and IT join forces

We create a duo for success

We align your results with your business objectives and strategies with particular attention paid to the integration of  architectural elements, and alignment with user needs and organizational culture. 

Successful architecture

Moreover, we always consider the architecture’s capacity to evolve so that the enterprise systems can adapt to the company’s needs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

With a wealth of successful architecture consultations under our belt, our advice stems from our mastery of best practices, recognized reference frameworks, and applicable methodologies.

Below are some of the services we provide:

  • Business analysis and architecture
  • Applications architecture
  • Information systems architecture
  • Technology architecture
  • Organisational Structure
  • Guidance and execution
  • Solutions integration
  • Change management
  • Impact analysis
  • Transformation plans (roadmaps)
  • Knowledge transfer and coaching
How we work

We approach every project with certainty that it’s going to be a success. We’re not overconfident; we just find that a positive mindset is more likely to yield the desired results. We assemble our team of specialized enterprise architecture experts with their mastery of best practices, recognized reference frameworks, and applicable methodologies and begin the journey towards improving your business.

We use an iterative process consisting of:

  • preparation, 
  • understanding 
  • ideation 
  • prototyping and 
  • validation.

Constant communication with senior management allows them to keep track of our work and make adjustments at their discretion.


Setting up to succeed

Preparation is key. We put our best people on the job before starting to get to know you and your business.

We begin to gather

Your important information becomes ours. We listen and learn the what, the how, and the why of what makes your business tick right now and where you want it to be tomorrow. And we never lose sight of company culture and its readiness for change. new reality. We’ll observe how things work. And we’ll ask a lot of questions, but most important – we’ll listen.

Idea time

Now that we have an understanding of your needs, we begin brainstorming. We’re open to your suggestions, ideas and concerns, so don’t hesitate to communicate them. We value your expertise as much as the trust you’ve placed in us.

Which way to go

Many good ideas come out of our brainstorming sessions, but we need to select the ones most likely to achieve your business goals. Those are the ideas worth validating.

The best options

Data, information and analysis are one thing, but until a solution is tested, we simply can’t know if it will work. Is it taking your business where you want it to go? Is it completely off track or, can it be tweaked? Can your people engage with this solution? These are the types of questions we’ll need answers to. And if you’re not satisfied with the answers, we won’t be either. We’ll test the best ideas we’ve come up with so far. Then we’ll go through the process again, making the necessary improvements along the way.

Will it grow with your business?

Your current goal could easily change five or 10 years down the line. Our solutions are designed to fit where you want to take your business now, and where you might want to take it in the future. By implementing strategies that evolve, we’ll help you navigate the increasingly-complex human, business, or technological environment for many years to come.

We start where you are

Alithya has the expertise needed to support your existing digital strategies or work with your corporate leaders to develop your strategy from scratch.

The Alithya Way

We value long term partnership with like-minded clients who can maintain output for the long haul.We use BPM, Lean, Agile TOGAF, BIZBOK, Agility at scale, IIBA BABOK and other methodologies.

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