Becker's Healthcare: Payer Issues Virtual Summit

Published June 3 2021
Payer Issue
1:00 - 3:00 PM CT

Understanding Patient Scheduling Tendencies in a New Virtual World 

COVID-19, consumerism, and increased technology are really transforming how patients receive the care they need to remain healthy or continue their care coverage. Reporting solutions need to be more robust than ever and not only give the flexibility required to analyze data in varying ways, but also add key functionality like artificial intelligence and machine learning options to help predict tendencies and behavior. Analytics that can provide visual cues in an easy to digest way are more important than ever for health systems to respond to changing patient populations.

Join this educational session to understand:

  • How you can leverage your current scheduling data for better analysis
  • Traverse the scheduling workflow to understand different stages of your patients and where sessions are trending
  • Leverage AI/ML concepts to provide some predictive measures for patient populations and what appears to be working for them or will work for them
  • Leverage self-service concepts to bring the data and decision-making into the hands of the users

Speakers: Mark Hite, and Brian Kelsey