Configuring Oracle EPM Planning’s Capital Module

Published August 10 2020
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This webcast is the third of a five part series on configuring the EPBCS business processes including Financials, Strategic Modeling, Capital, Workforce and Projects. Check ODTUG’s webinar schedule for dates.

Oracle EPM Planning Capital makes forecasting the financial statement impact of acquiring, improving, or disposing of capital assets easy – with a wizard to configure your application! Learn how the wizard guides through the configuration process, allowing you to forecast the future impact of new investments and changes to existing assets. Learn about forecasting support of intangibles, fixed assets, and IFRS16 leased assets. Discuss how Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP) augments streamlines the capital request & prioritization to determine what investments to make before an asset is forecasted in Oracle EPM Planning Capital.

CPAs can earn CPEs as we will address the following learning objectives: Understand options to forecast your existing asset base Understand options to forecast proposed assets Understand the basic configuration process for the Oracle EPM Capital module..

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