Configuring Oracle’s Strategic Modeling – the Devil is in the Details

Published August 26 2020
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This webinar is the second of a five part series on configuring the EPBCS business processes including; Financials, Strategic Modeling, Capital, Workforce, and Projects.  Check ODTUG’s webinar schedule often for dates for the rest of the series.

While Strategic Modeling provides pre-packaged long-range planning and scenario modeling capabilities, every one of our customers requires configuration to meet their unique business needs.
Learn how you can take the out-of-the-box chart of accounts as a solid launching point and then layer on top configurations to maximize your investment in Strategic Modeling.

Learning objectives:

Once configured, we’ll show how Strategic Modeling can be leveraged to:

  • Run scenarios on the fly to understand financial impacts of key decisions and alternative strategies
  • Run Monte Carlo Simulation on uncertain input variables to understand the probabilities of important business outcomes
  • Incorporate Treasury and M&A activity into the Strategic Modeling process with purpose-built functionality like the Debt Scheduler, Funding Routine, and  Valuation Reporting
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