Configuring Workforce: Employee? Job? Or Both?

Published September 17 2020

An out-of-the-box Workforce module allows companies to plan for labor related expenses and integrate with other modules such as financials. Workforce provides options to enable expense planning, headcount planning, and workforce management. But first you need to determine the granularity at which to plan your Workforce: Employee only, job only, or employee and job?

In this webinar, we will take a deeper dive into those three levels of granularity and what the implications are for each. We will also review the most important enablement and configuration processes for the Workforce module.

Topics include:

  • Enablement options
  • Planning and forecast preparation
  • Workforce assumptions
  • Benefits/taxes/additional earnings setup

Learning Objectives:

  • Levels of Granularity in Workforce
  • How to enable Workforce
  • Mandatory configuration steps
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