Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) Interact 2020 - Virtual Event

Published January 20 2020
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HIUG is proud to announce that they are offering FREE* registration to Virtual Interact 2020 to be held from September 28-30, 2020. It will be 3 half-days of sessions and networking opportunities. Join us for on the HIUG Forum for sessions and networking! 

Alithya is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of HIUG's Interact Virtual Event 2020. Below are details for the session that we will be hosting. Check back on this page regularly for information about our session and upcoming information about our coffee break session.  

A methodical and strategic approach to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps focus a supply chain leader’s time and energy throughout the process. A thorough evaluation of each part of the supply chain should take place prior to ensure a successful ERP. Healthcare supply chain advisory services are available to assist in fast-tracking an organization’s vision and goals for getting its supply chain operation to its desired future state of best practice.

Healthcare supply chain advisory services support Oracle ERP implementations. This includes operations, labor assessments, and project management, all of which relate to various parts of the Oracle ERP implementation process and future state model delivery. Operations and labor assessments will look at what processes exist in a current state environment that complements in-place labor standards. There will be metrics and benchmarks used to evaluate the current state of operations in purchasing, receiving, distribution, inventory management, and inventory count processes. These processes will be reviewed for a future state design of each workstream whereby staffing, projects, and policy gaps will be outlined to construct a framework for the future state design envisioned by executive leadership. In some cases, timing for conversion is fast, so it is imperative to offer project management assistance to leaders to assist with actual projects that may be lacking adequate support in labor or expertise. This will help drive the ERP implementation program to completion.

Topics to discuss include the following:

  • Current state process flows
  • Operations assessment
  • Labor assessment and labor metrics
  • Inventory management assessment and inventory metrics
  • Policy and procedure assessment
  • Future state vision and design
  • Future state technology advantage
  • PO spend recovery
  • Full service distribution
  • Inventory cost reduction
  • Policies and procedures
  • Charge code review
  • MMIS item number optimization
  • Master item file optimization
  • Centralized pricing controls
  • Centralized purchasing and accounts payables
  • Value analysis

  • Conquering Change Management; What It Is and Why You Should Care About It
    Tuesday, 9/29  | 1:05 - 1:15 PM EST | HIUG Interact Virtual Event | Speaker: Andie Kaelin 
    Find Presentation Under: Session Type - Vender Session 

A quick and practical, 10-minute session that defines Change Management, describes why it is important, and gives attendees a framework for managing change in their organizations.

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