Webinar | How to Quickly Deploy Self-Service Analytics on a Budget

Published August 26 2020
How to Quickly Deploy Self-Service Analytics on a Budget
11:00 am -12:00 pm ET
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The events of 2020 have made it very clear that companies need to be prepared for significant business disruptions. It’s not surprising that the companies able to quickly leverage their business data and take proactive steps to meet market demands fared better than companies that lacked full insight into their operations. Organizations without a comprehensive and cohesive data insights strategy will be left behind by their competition. But good news—we’re here to bust the myth that deploying an enterprise-level analytics solution is prohibitively expensive and takes months and years to deploy. Find out how you can deploy self-service analytics on a budget within a reasonable timeline.

Join David Zebrowitz, Alithya Senior Business Intelligence Solution Architect and Reddy Beeram, Alithya Senior Director, Product Development for this webcast to learn:

• Typical challenges with BI & Analytics deployments in most organizations
• BI & Analytics needs in an organization and levels of maturity
• What is the right Enterprise level BI & Analytics strategy
• Key considerations for a successful BI & Analytics implementation
• How to deploy a Self-Service Analytics on a Budget

Alithya has helped numerous customers translate data into action and we can help your company too.

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