Webinar | Analytics Best Practices in Supply Chain Management: Using BI to Analyze Production Costs

Published January 18 2021
Using BI to Analyze Production Costs - Webinar - website
11:00 - 11:30 am ET

Manufacturers are always working to improve their production to cut costs, reduce waste and operate more efficiently overall. But what is the best way to monitor performance on a day-to-day basis? Do you know the best ways to gather and quickly analyze data to understand where the issues are in order to take action?

Historically, companies relied heavily on manual data collection, spreadsheets or nothing at all to accomplish the critically important process of cost analyses. Data collection and analysis using these methods tend to be time-consuming, which leads to delays in taking timely action to identify and correct issues. These time delays also cause a loss of relevance once the information is available.

Modern BI solutions, with the help of robust data warehouses and automation, allow production cost analysts to:

  • Analyze data in near real-time
  • Focus on exceptions rather than navigating large data sets
  • Focus on problem areas to identify and address them
  • Continually improve processes

Join Alithya’s Donald Clark, Senior Architect, and Sid Datla, Business System Analyst, for this webcast to see a demo of the Production Cost Analysis Dashboard, which provides the user with the following Key Performance Indicators and features.

  • Estimated versus actual labor cost (total and percent)
  • Estimated versus actual overhead absorption (total and percent)
  • Estimated versus actual machine hour cost (total and percent)
  • Estimated versus actual material cost (total and percent)
  • Data presentation by date range
  • Filtering capability by user-defined variance percent
  • Drill down capability to the cost group level

If 2021 is the year your company wants to base decisions on real-time data, you don’t want to miss this webcast.