Webinar: Manage a Remote Product

Published June 1 2020
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11:00 am (ET)

As a Product Owners / Manager (PO / PM), would we continue to succeed while working remotely? How much more difficult would it be to manage our product now? Being a PO / PM and managing your product remotely is not impossible, at Alithya our PO / PMs do it every day! Yes, there are challenges, but there are also steps you can take to manage them proactively.

This webinar (in english only) covers the experience of two Alithya PO / PMs who have managed products remotely with us. You will have the opportunity to discover:

  • How they manage their products
  • The tools used
  • The challenges and opportunities encountered

Moderator: Julien Jarles, Director of Agile Practice & Product Management
PO / PMs: : Alexandra Sánchez Luna and Maeva Louis-Joseph
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