Webinar: Understanding Quarterly Updates to Oracle Cloud Applications: Gain the Most from Your Technology Investment

Published February 19 2020
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11am ET

Oracle Cloud Applications are transforming and evolving constantly. An awareness and understanding of the changes coming through each quarterly update helps organizations to achieve greater success and efficiency by empowering them to take advantage of enhancements and allowing them to ensure business continuity by testing environments to prevent any unforeseen issues.

This webinar provides all the relevant information and pertinent details related to quarterly updates so that the best strategy can be designed to integrate these changes into existing systems. We’ll also share recommendations on how to educate the whole team on new features, functionalities, and fixes. Finally, gain insight into how best to prepare for and validate your updates, including a general timeline for when to perform certain tasks.

So attend this webinar, and walk away with a better understanding of quarterly updates, when they are applied, how to prepare and test them, and where to find more details about new features and fixes. We’ll answer your questions and help with your journey to the Cloud.

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