Webinar: XPRESS Route: IFRS17/LDTI Compliant in as Little as 12 Weeks

Published April 8 2021
Oracle LinkedIn  - 2021-04-08T143458.494
11 AM ET

IFRS17/LDTI represents the most significant change insurance organization have faced in quite some time.  The new regulations include bringing data together from multiple areas such as Contracts, Accounting, Finance, Actuary, Tax, and more.  With IFRS17/LDTI requiring deep data and analytics needs, Alithya’s solution is built using Oracle technology to provide a comprehensive and collaborative toolkit for insurance companies to meet and exceed the IFRS17/LDTI  requirements. Alithya XPRESS IFRS17/LDTI Manager can be tailored to your organization in as little as 12 weeks.


During this webinar we will showcase:

  • Account Grouping – grouping accounts into distinct units for measurement
  • Measurement Approaches – PAA, BBA, VFA, LDC, and others
  • Roll Forward for Net Premiums
  • Process Management 
  • Pre-Built Management Reporting