2020 Professional Services Industry Trends: Sales Pipeline Priorities

Published July 16 2020 by Lucia Mendes

Sales pipeline, a business factor extremely important to organizations. Do you struggle personally with it? Could your professional services organization benefit from improved pipeline management or is everything tiptop? If you are struggling, what may be interesting to know is if you’re not alone and in what areas are others seeing issue. This survey report shows the results of the priorities its respondents are facing. Let’s breakdown what results showed and how to navigate them.

Q: Thinking about your organization’s sales pipeline priorities, please rank the following in order of importance (1 being the most important and 8 being the least important)?

The results of this survey report showed respondents ranked improving sales processes as the top priority, followed by visibility, resource allocation, accuracy, and actionability. Getting better visibility would help sales reps drive efficiency through the sales funnel and better identify opportunities to grow both prospective and current relationships.

How to Overcome Key Sales Pipeline Challenges

Creating and maintaining an accurate sales pipeline is one of the top goals and responsibilities for any sales leader. If it’s strong and well-built, a sales pipeline means your company is likely to hit growth targets. However, building pipeline comes with its own unique set of challenges. This page shares insights and best practices to improve your sales pipeline, take a look: Sales Pipeline | Best Practices and Tips for Growth

Download the full report here to get instant access to full survey report and analysis: 2020 Professional Services Industry Trends: Survey Result and Analysis.

2020 Professional Services Industry Trends Survey Results & Analysis

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