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A one-year retrospective

Published March 10 2021
Paul Raymond, President & CEO
Paul Raymond
President & CEO
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We pulled together as a team for the show must go on

Dear team,

 As we approach the Ides of March, it has now been a full year since COVID-19 has descended upon us, bringing the world at an unprecedented global standstill. Uncertainty prevailed in the early days and weeks of the crisis, with industries in all sectors across the world scrambling to deal with an unpredictable situation.

At Alithya, the equilibrium of our work environments was hampered by an unforeseen agent of change, that nonetheless offered us an opportunity to test our mettle, both as a company and as individuals. This past year has unquestionably proven challenging, yet we pulled together as a team for the show must go on. We rose to the challenge and weathered the storm, providing critical guidance and leadership to our valued clients, who have struggled through their own unique sets of challenges.

Above all, our perseverance during this difficult time has shown that our company is built on the strength of our people. As a group, we have transitioned from offices and boardrooms, to kitchens and dining rooms and created a highly functional alternative to the status quo. As a forward-thinking company, Alithya overcame challenges by undergoing a digital transformation, and in doing so, we have set a great example for our customers.

Most of all, your commitment to success during this pandemic has made our company even stronger, and we know that it has not been achieved without sacrifice. While the rollout of promising vaccines allows us to finally see the light at the end of the very long COVID-19 tunnel, we should all be very proud of having kept the lights on for our clients and our company.

A year ago, the world was changing. For many, the loss of a loved one has been one of the greatest challenges to overcome. The pandemic has been particularly terrifying in this regard. My sincere thoughts are with you.