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Alithya's Global Recruitment Process Attracts the Most Talented Candidates!

Published September 9 2022
Leanne Courtney, Systems Performance Analyst
Leanne Courtney
Systems Performance Analyst
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As hybrid working takes hold and labor shortages continue, it’s more important than ever for companies to be able attract, retain, and help develop quality employees. 

Talent search tools can be integrated into a recruiting platform with an applicant tracking system that brings all the information together in one location, whether during the initial application phase, at the time of an interview, or after a final decision has been made. That way, hiring managers can track applications more effectively and can move on quicker to the next steps. The process improves the experience for applicants as well, who can check on the status of their application and ask questions. 

We’ve reduced the time required for the hiring process 

By using data to drive our recruiting strategy, the time it takes to find a candidate or to fill a position will be drastically reduced. By following this strategy, it’s possible to create an effective hiring plan that defines key parameters, including the average time to find a candidate in the required field, the most effective recruitment process for that role, and the verification process. We can then use the information to design a strategy that creates a strong candidate pool through the most effective recruitment processes. 

We’ve improved the quality of hiring  

When Alithya needs to fill a position, the goal is obviously to find the best person for the position; someone who will contribute to enhancing the company’s performance in both the short and long term. Traditional hiring methods complicate that process and have made it difficult to assess the performance of the candidate once in place. Thanks to data-driven recruitment, we can make analytical and informed choices more easily. 

We’ve also enhanced the candidate experience 

The best candidates on the market typically have abundant opportunities available to them, and many will already have been approached by recruiters. A candidate will be more likely to continue a hiring process if it is solid and simplified right through to the end. If your hiring process is long and complicated, the candidate will often give up and move on to the next potential employer. 

A recruitment platform can also build a database of candidates who have not been hired for the positions they applied for, but who may be suitable candidates for other positions. With the appropriate technology, you can quickly communicate with those potential candidates to present them with additional availabilities. 

A modern approach to acquiring and retaining talented candidates 

Despite the uncertainty of the current environment, organizations are striving to maintain a level of control over who they hire, as well as how they are trained and treated. Accordingly, every organization should implement the right technology solutions to attract the best candidates, to retain them, and to help them grow in sync with the future of their business.