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Back on Track

Published October 11 2022
Robert Lamarre, Chief Information Officer
Robert Lamarre
Chief Information Officer
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Rubber meets the road as Alithya raises funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation 

After a two-year COVID hiatus, Alithyans once again participated in the 48-Hour Ride, a popular annual event to raise funds in support of the invaluable work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The energy was palpable as 15 teams of 6, or 90 Alithya-affiliated riders, mounted their bikes at ICAR Mirabel, a multi-track sports facility just north of Montreal. The weekend event raised over $2 million in support of sick children, with Alithya sponsors contributing $88,600, or enough to pay for the dreams-come-true of 8 deserving children. 

Two of our teams were comprised entirely of employees representing Alithya’s Oracle and Microsoft practices, with the ranks of the rest of the teams filled by Alithya employees, including myself, and their families and friends. Aged 16 to 82, our diverse group was visible at every turn, with more experienced warriors picking up some of the slack, and the rest gritting their teeth through cramps and sore muscles in support of a very worthy cause. 


Building Alithya’s Dream Team 

As our teams took to the track, one man was the first to arrive and the last to leave. For Michel Richard, the weekend was the culmination of months of advanced planning, from building our teams, right through to last-minute sponsorship. It’s simply not in everyone’s nature to aggressively pursue sponsorship, so some of our team members hadn’t quite reached their goals when they arrived at the track. Michel took on the challenge, and I can assure you that everyone had reached their objectives by the time we started to roll! 

Familiar friends 

When Michel Richard joined Alithya in 2015, we handed him the reins of the company’s commitment to the 48-Hour Ride, just one component of an extensive relationship we have with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That relationship began 8 years ago, when our CEO, Paul Raymond, began serving as President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation’s Quebec Chapter. Despite having completed his term, Alithya has remained a staunch ally, and I have been a member of the Fais-Un-Voeu/Make-A-Wish Board of Directors since 2020. 

Since beginning the first year with just one team, Michel has fostered steady growth ever since, and he will begin working on the lofty goal of fielding 25 Alithya teams next year as soon as November. 

Living inspiration 

Along the way, our motivation has been fueled by the heartwarming story of a 15-year-old girl named Jade, a heart transplant recipient whose dream Alithya helped sponsor back in 2015. Now 21, Jade was present this year to greet her Alithya family at the 48-Hour Ride, as she has been every year since 2015. 


Michel Richard and his family

As Michel so aptly put it: “It’s one thing to collect donations for a worthy cause, but to see Jade every year is something that is priceless for all of us. I really adore it, because it’s one of the few occasions where you can actually see and hear from someone who has directly benefitted from your efforts.” 

48H Vélo

We wish to thank all Alithyans who participated in the 48-Hour Ride in support of such a worthy cause. We would also like to give a BIG shout out to those who volunteered their time, including Alithya coaches, parking technicians, foodservice engineers, and water bottle delivery and implementation specialists! Job well done everyone!