Pat Lee
, August 11, 2023
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Within recent years, insurance companies have experienced technological change that has transformed the industry. New, innovative strategies have remodeled what it means to be competitive. To meet client needs, insurers are using Microsoft tools to improve production and better manage agency activities.  

The introduction of automation has become a steppingstone in solution implementation. Its ability to optimize business processes, maintain customer experience, and streamline time management is a must-use service in today’s economy. Microsoft offers a variety of technology and field services to better equip insurance companies in adapting to the digital world.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing and Customer Service (D365)

Among the many services and technologies offered, Microsoft D365 continues to be one of the most valuable tools in the pursuit of innovation. D365 captures all customer-related information such as contacts, policies, and claims, helping to improve customer service through a comprehensive view of client activities. Additionally, D365 provides automated lead management that effortlessly tracks leads and efficient policy management through reducing manual intervention and errors.

Alithya’s knowledge and experience with Microsoft D365 provides modern approaches to identifying goals, optimizing productivity, as well as managing key performance indicators “KPI’s”. Implementing D365 for your organization with Alithya will focus on boosting sales, improving customer support, strengthening field service performance, and empowering your team.

Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI

Microsoft Power Apps are another great tool that insurers use to enhance efficiency and streamline processes. Power Apps allow companies to create custom applications with little to no use of coding. Capabilities include automated claim processes for data entry and risk assessment to better evaluate decisions. In addition, Power Apps offer real-time policy management and information tracking for renewals, simplifying data retrieval.  

Power Apps work seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI to provide accurate interactive dashboards that monitor trends and KPI’s. Power BI is a data visualization tool used to transform large banks of raw data into meaningful insights. Insurers can effortlessly consolidate, analyze, and monitor data while providing real-time reporting on critical metrics.  

The combination of Power Apps and Power BI optimizes workflow and customer service as well as improves efficiency and risk management. Alithya’s services can help to accelerate productivity and get the most out of your data. Alithya’s 365 Powerhouse Playbook is a combination of advisory services, hands-on training, and Power App templates that are proven to educate your employees and build effective applications with confidence. Alithya’s 365 AnalyticsXpress provides fully functioning analytic reports by bringing together multiple data sources using Power BI.

Alithya can help you grow, evolve, and transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 

By using automated technologies, insurers can stay ahead of changing needs and transform their business into a powerful partner. Services including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Power BI transcend insurers into a more digitally integrated community. The use of automation will forever aid in reducing workloads, managing savings, and improving customer experience.  

As a trusted advisor, we have 20+ years of experience helping Insurance clients implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Alithya’s strategy and Microsoft’s technologies, your agency can adapt and innovate across your entire business. Contact us to get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about Alithya and unlock your business’ full potential. 

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