Jennifer Burnham
, March 31, 2023
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations simplifies every aspect of project-based sales. From pricing and estimates to quotes, forecasting, contract management and more, you win more deals and create better experiences for the sales hand-off to delivery teams. By utilizing Project Operations, your organization can deliver exceptional customer experiences that accelerate sales and drive success across all your projects.

Microsoft D365 Project Operations Features That Improve Sales

Optimized Estimates and Scope

By using Dynamics 365 Project Operations’ configurable workspaces to convert opportunities into sales faster, your organization can speed up the sales cycle as well as create more accurate estimates. When utilizing Project Operations, your organization can efficiently create new quotes that are pre-configured for project-based sales by easily classifying line items. You can also manage multiple quotes per opportunity and analyze each side-by-side to help you compare profitability across quotes. The ability to visualize revenue estimates organized by various criteria, like the individual decisions that need to work together to deliver the project, is also a benefit of Project Operations.

Flexible, Multi-dimensional Pricing

Scope your projects with confidence with Dynamics 365 Project Operations’ flexible and multi-dimensional pricing capabilities. The ability to add price lists into the system allows your company to properly budget time and other key project expenses. Also, your organization can easily add specific bill rates for individual roles and account for markups such as holiday time or overtime. The pricing model also includes a built-in currency rate adjustment, which adds flexibility for different currency use.

Enhanced Forecasting

Accurately scope customer expectations using Dynamics 365 Project Operations’ insightful and timely forecasts. Agile resource planning tools plus robust pricing capabilities enable more accurate estimations forecasted across the project timeline. Project Operations can easily view summaries for a particular phase, resource, or role within the project. During the scope phase, precise estimations and KPI (key performance indicators) projections are available too. These insights help contribute to the entirety of the project’s success.

Simplified Contract Management

When a customer accepts your organization’s quote, Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps you convert quotes into contracts in an efficient and timely manner. Drafts can be created via automation with pre-filled terms of the scope of work agreed upon in the quote. Your organization will add final adjustments for labor and/or expenses before the contract can be finalized. Additionally, you can set invoice schedules within the Project Operations system. The best advantage of the Dynamics Project Operations capabilities is the possibility to update and calculate new estimations for distinct phases of projects due to added work or extra expenses endured throughout the scope of work. All these capabilities enable your sales team to deliver the best customer experiences throughout the complete process.

How Alithya Can Help

Alithya, a top 1% Microsoft Partner, can assist your professional services organization with reaching your goals and business requirements. By focusing on outcomes that make the biggest difference to your business, our flexible framework ensures you quickly see ROI from your investment. Now more than ever, it is important to pursue growth in an era of fast-changing expectations. Allow us to help your organization utilize Dynamics Project Operations and gain a true 360-degree view of your client and deliver on their digital transformation objectives.

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