5 awesome blogs about testing and quality assurance to follow online

Published October 31 2017 by Team Askida
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Askida’s experts are constantly trying to reinvent themselves. During our project reviews, we always encourage our team to suggest new ideas, tools, technologies or strategies that we could implement to improve our internal processes, and we make sure to invest time and resources into technological exploration and research. Blogs that specialize in quality assurance, testing and programming are therefore a valuable resource for our experts, as they allow them to exchange with other developers and discover new tools and methods.

To celebrate a few websites that have helped us in the past, we’d like to take some time today to recommend 5 blogs we like that relate to quality assurance and testing. Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other useful blogs and websites out there, but we hope these resources can help you achieve better software quality.

1) DZone

DZone is a blog for developers that regularly publishes in-depth articles about programming, cloud services, testing and so much more. By allowing developers from all around the world to present their discoveries, DZone encourages dialog and knowledge-sharing. To gain new skills, catch up on various trends or see what other developers are working on, DZone is a valuable resource.

2) StickyMinds

Sticky Minds presents articles and interviews that can help us understand where the software testing industry and testing technology is heading. If you’re interested in a career in software testing, Sticky Minds offers webinars, presentations, conference dates and other resources that may come in handy.

3) Google Testing Blog

Google’s Testing Blog is updated less often than Sticky Minds or DZone, but the articles it publishes are generally well-written and interesting, a quality over quantity kind of approach. The different articles present practical problems encountered at Google and outlines potential solutions. Since the topics discussed are fairly technical, these articles are for a very specific audience, but the content they provide is solid and thought-provoking.

4) James Bach’s personal blog

James Bach, the creator of Rapid Software Testing, presents his ideas and observations on his personal blog, which is updated regularly. Thanks to his experience in software development and testing, Bach has interesting views on testing and the best methods to solve the various problems that inevitably arise during development. Like Askida, Bach believes in the importance of quality software, which motivates him to continue to seek new ways to improve and better solutions to difficult problems.

5) Software Testing Help

The articles on Software Testing Help are generally well-documented. The blog proposes, among others, reviews of new tools accompanied by screenshots that allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of new solutions. Moreover, the website boosts a healthy community that participates in the discussion by adding comments and observations in response to the articles.

Do you follow blogs specialized in quality assurance online? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!


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